Earthdawn: The Exiled Lords

Finnegas's Mad Ravings

We didn’t know. We should have known. But we didn’t know. Lies. Lies lies lies lies lies. Secrets and lies. How do you tell a lie when it comes from He Who Lies? Lies saying he was a wizard. Lies saying Wyvern were here. Lies saying it was safe. More lies than mouths can speak, I think? How were we to know? We were to be heroes, instead we were to be bait. Alisan, the one who betrays. Can I blame him? Am I lying if I say “no”? The Horror, the one the One Who Lies was interested in, he touched Alisan. Spoke to him. He now speaks to me. He doesn’t lie, not like the lies of the Lying One Who Lies. He speaks truth. Is the truth a lie? The Horror tolds me of the poor fools who were here. He tells me of the experiments he did. He tells me of the elements he took, and how he wove them to the fools in A’Lengstro. He told me he saw one Namegiver who was all elements. The horror wants that Namegiver to tell him how he did it, how he made all the elements a part of him. The Orichalcum Man, the Horror calls him. A clever man, this Oricalcum Man. That’s what the horror said. Clever Namegiver, finding a way to bind the elements to himself. The horror, he wants to be him. No, that’s a lie. He wants to undo him! The horror senses power form him. Skin of Wood. Stone in his bones. Air in his breath. Water in his veins. And Fire, everywhere File. His heart, his mind, his spirit. All of fire. And the horror is afraid. Afraid! Of the Orichalcum Man! So he’s going to study him. He’s going to study the process. He’s going to make me an Orichalum Man! And Alisan’s going to help. Alisain says he can help me. Alisain, the one who betrays. The one who accepted the One Who Lies. The one who led us to this. He’s going to help me.

Passions forgive me, but I’ll kill that cowardly windling before I die. He gave up, and now I’m going to die because of it.

The One Who Lies was just here. He told me he’s sorry about using us as bait. He says he had to know more about the Horror. He’s lying. He’s not sorry. He’s the One Who Lies! How can he be sorry? He said this was part of a plan, a long-term plan that will take time to come to fruition. Lies? Lies lies lies lies lies! I know. I know! He’s not sorry! That’s his lie! But lies and secrets, secrets and lies. He told me a lie, and now he tells me a secret. The secret is the Name of the Horror. The Horror of Five, and the Horror of One. Five eyes that see, one for every element. Quinalcus. His Name is Quinalcus. Is that a lie? Is his name The Horror of Five? Is his name Varulus the Third? Icewing? Kypros? Alisan? Finnegas?

I’m going to die, and all this will mean nothing.



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