Earthdawn: The Exiled Lords

Investigating Kratas

Session 7

Mawag 2
Kaylee looks at Jerrit’s new Feather, and determines it’s a Minor Pattern Item for Jerrit.

Upon entering Kratas, we have a feeling of suspicion and anxiety. We head to the hilltop to speak to Air Ships for possible extraction. The buildings up here have been renovated some.

We meet the Captain of a Troll drakkar, who is in the process of unloading goods. Jerrit talks to him for a while. Quentin narrowly avoids a Dwarf, Doughrugan, taking a swing at his knees from behind. He apparently knows Quentin from his ship. Astral Corsair is down the row, a light friggate. Takes a crew of 6, 2 fire cannons, and modded to be very fast, flat bottom for landing. Quentin sees some crew is new, as is the bow fire cannon.

Captain Leodas Dolan makes introductios to the party. They’ve been running a buisness, and trying to keep people off of Quentin’s trail. She has hired the Hounds of Siryeah, bounty hunters (expensive). They’re still in Thera, but have learned that he’s in Barsaive, want irrefutable proof of his death. Irian, human female, is new crew, has been vetted. We discuss getting passage tomorrow to Lake Ban for the Pilgrimage.

Magda asks around and finds the Broken Halberd. We all drink our poison preventatives. Quentin chats up the barmaid, gets a name of Skeegan Thundercracker. Archer and other talents. Favors hawk hatchets and flight daggers, more of a Sniper. Frequents the bar, but doesn’t really mingle. Can’t get rid of him because he hasn’t broken a rule, and he’s a Warden. He’s connected, guardsmen ask him why he killed someone instead. Well dressed elf and “obsidiman warrior” and occasionally a very creepy Nethermancer with a scythe and obsidiman skin armor. Only person Skeegan deferrs to. Last saw Skeegan 2 weeks ago, and Nethermancer was not pleased with him. Skeegan left after, not back since. Rumor that he’s in town aksing for “art objects of unusual sort” very valuable and unique. Dixby may know where Skeegan is. Dixby is a hangeron, ear to the ground, may have put Skeegan on the path to something.

We wait for about an hour. A young male dwarf bumps into Magda, picks something off the ground and hands it to her. She finds a note in her pocket, telling her to meet with her friends. It’s signed with a stylized eye (The Eye of Throal). We head out to Murderers Row, there’s a dwarven compound to the Neunami House (big trading house from Throal). We’re met by a doorman who goes through traditional greeting. The mystic Rivelani wants to speak with us. Attractive dwarven woman greets us, closes the door and gets down to business. She’s a Junior Gatherer, coordinates in an area. A few Therean spies have gone missing, carrying something of great urgency. Mordul Wellestar was housing them. Watchers didn’t see the spies get on airship, or leave safehouse. No one has entered or left safehouse, since yesterday. Willing to pay 3000 silver for us to check it out, Ibon haggles to add on information about Skeegan, Dixby, and the wherabouts.

We case the safehouse, located in a well to do neighborhood. We see light and some movement inside. Magda sneaks around to the back of the building, and scouts thorugh the windows, seeing a sizeable bloodstain on the floor. Magda tries the front door, and sneaks inside. As the rest of the party enters, Jerrit makes a lot of noise, and a Ghost attacks. Jerrit makes short work of the Ghost, and we move into the back room. Kaylee uses Astral Sight and sees several more spirits about to attack, she warns the group. The old man makes for a door to the basement.

When he’s knocked out, the illusion falls, and he seems to be a middle aged man in red and black robes of the Keys of Death, a cult of people who like to murder folks in long painful ways to free Death from the Death Sea. As we discuss what to do with the cultists, Gigan steps down the stairs, and an alarm goes off, Ibon Abates the stairs to dispel the Alarm. We hear movement downstairs and start running down.

Gigan gets down first, and scans around seeing no one. Magda arrives and sees a bloodstain coming from behind a tapestry. Behind the tapestry there are more cultists, and a ritual circle with a Troll Nethermancer over a recently slaughtered victim.

LOOT: 150 silver on the cultists.

Kaylee checks the circle, the blood has been used to make a circle, the body has been disected long and painfully. Magda spots another secret passage. We decide to toss the building first.

3000 Thoralic silver
2000 Theran silver
80 Gold Throalic
600 gold Theran
4 Booster
4 Healing
4 Salves of Closure
2 Kelix Poltices
2 Disease Remedy Potions
2 Last Chance Salves
1 Desperate Spell Charm
1 Wand Threaded and runed saying “Magical Might”
3 Light Quarts Crystals
4 Broadswords
4 Med crossbows
2 Chain
2 Leather

1 Messenger bag with several journals and maps of Barsaive, logs. Letter to Wyre on the 17ty of Rua (2 weeks ago). “Your daughter is sick. You and your friends need to come home soon. Make haste for Ketenshin. Our family will have a ship there to take you home. G”

We finish off the people, and bring the “old man” to Neunami House. Questioning begins. He crept up from the sewer, killed the original, and replaced him. When the spies showed up, he failed their tests, and killed them. He’s taken away.

Letter seems to be recalling their spies. And implies an attack within 2-3 weeks.

Get paid 3000 silver.

Report on Skeegan is he left on riverboat 2 days ago, downriver. Dixby is at Broken Halbard.

Heading back to Broken Halbard, which is more active. Dixby is listening at the window. Gigan and Quentin give him some warrior tips to butter him up. He’s heard about some T’skrang talking about House Vistrimon, uncle made it big in his youth, has been buying up oddities, recently a set of 8 dragon scales with runes on them.

We make it back to the Astral Corsair, and take off the next morning. People on the deck notice a large something on the horizon paralelling our flight path. Not a dragon… a Theran Behemoth with a few ships flying escort.

Legend points: 4570


Well good to see our trip to Kratas was profitable. Instead of losing all our money. And I admit, I’m not usually the most perceptive T’skrang. So we’ve all but confirmed our Troll Archer friend works for the Nethermancer Exiled Lord. Huh. What we do know is that some Nethermancer of great power is also gather Scales and using Skeegan to gather them. That is something I am not going to look forward to if our paths cross.

Investigating Kratas

Yeah, leaving Kratas with more material goods than we entered with seems really counterintuitive, but I’ll take it.

I am, I admit, utterly unthrilled by discovering who’s after me NOW, especially since That Bitch is willing to expend THAT MANY resources to get me outright killed. Urgh. Ibon, can we afford one of those death-cheaty blood charms? That’d be a treat.

Investigating Kratas

Yeah I must admit, you do win the you’re special award for how much she wants you dead. Good to know more people looking for those I am adventuring with. Places that extra bit of excitement on daily life.

Investigating Kratas

Kratas has so much potential, located in the center of Barsaive. But until it gets a more stable form of government, and a better reputation, it is a risky venture. All the more important to have Asylum build up and fill the need for safe overland trade.

Since Chorrolis smiled upon our actions in the cults hideout, I think Death Cheat charms are currently affordable. Those would be on the fine line between “Healing item” and “Personal item” since it is a single use that only benefits the person wearing it. As opposed to Last Chance Salves which are undeclared until needed, thus a group fund item. Since we have some Salves now, I am leaning towards Personal Item.

Investigating Kratas

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