Earthdawn: The Exiled Lords

Session 1: A Matter of Scale

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Veltrom 4, 1509 TH

We open our scene at Travelers’ Rest. Once a small hamlet before the Scourge, it’s now a small ruin or two and some trees, used as a safe overnight stopping point for travelers on their way to or from Asylum. The weather is an annoying drizzle. Two groups are around their campfires; one consists of a troll (with a sword, shield, and across his back a fearsome and beautiful crystal battleaxe), a t’skrang (with a large runed turtleshell shield and an axe, and having two head-crests), and a human (with a sword, large parrying dagger, and obviously a swordmaster) and the other consisting of an obsidiman (with a door-sized shield and spiked mace), a young dwarf woman, (with a sword and buckler), and an older dwarf managing a wagon pulled by a pair of dires.

The older dwarf, Willanos, plies his trade at the group of warriors (and there are introductions all around), until he points out the T’skrang’s two head fins.

Interrupting the awkward moment, there are flashes of light off to the North. The warriors get up and move to investigate. A distraught Windling comes flying into view, closely followed by three air and three fire elementals. The warriors move into engage, and the Windling moves behind the Troll for cover. Two of the air elementals are crushed by the troll in short order. The fire elementals throw fire at the windling, now hiding behind the Obsidiman, missing wildly. The Obsidiman then moves up and drops the third air elemental. The warriors split off to engage the fire elementals (Human, Dwarf, Obsidiman; Troll; T’skrang) with Windling firing Earth Darts regularly.

Once the excitement concludes, the Windlingcollapses into unconsciousness. It appears she has a journal (larger than a Windling would normally carry), and has obviously been on the move for many hours, if not a full day. Willanos brings her into the covered wagon, and the journal is left unread for now. Willanos hires on the three warriors as caravan guards until Asylum.

(comment – left off here)

Veltrom 5, 1509 TH

Leave Travelers’ Rest, heading down towards Asylum. See some Gryphons flying in the distance.

Late afternoon, the Windling wakes up in the wagon. Introductions…. Kaylee mentions the name Alisan Cinderwood, a Windling Elementalist Adventurer, has made entries into the Grand Library. He sent the Elementals after her because of the journal, and tried to get her Horror Tainted by Raw Casting. We stop and let her tattoo one of Willanos’s dyres to confirm her lack of taint. Opening his journal, she goes to the last entry: Finnegas and Goranog (who were traveling with Alisan) found lair of Wyvern, possibly a Horror… When Alisan lead her to the Kaer, Kaylee looked into the Astral and saw something with 5 eyes (something Named, Bloatform?). Discussion of what to do with information. We should investigate the original Kaer, find Alisan’s companions, and weave threads into the Major Pattern Item, Alisan’s Journal.

Arrival in Asylum

Village feels lively and happy. Singing nursery rhyme of Blue Dragon.

Entering the Blue Dragon Flagon, we see many patrons, and Ibon deals with the barmaid for lodgings everyone. In the back, there is a dwarf patron in an argument with a barmaid over the bill. When the barmaid moves to take something from him, the dwarf suddenly grows claws and attacks her, dropping her.

Round 1: Quinten jumps to attack the Dwarf. Magda heads to block the window near the dwarfs dogs. Dwarf whistles for his hounds, and claws Quinten. Gigan engages the Dwarf and misses. Ibon blocks the dogs passage through the back door. Jerrit hits the Dwarf. Dogs try to get through door, Ibon knocks Dog 1 down. Kaylee weaves Earth Darts
Round 2: Magda engages dwarf. Dwarf claws Magda. Quinten inspects Barmaid and stabilizes her. Gigan hits Dwarf. Kaylee hits Dwarf with Earth Darts. Jerrit Shouts, hits, and drops him. Dog 1 hit Ibon, Dog 2 comes in other window. Ibon missed dog.
Round 3: Jerrit drops dog. Dog 2 misses Magda. Quinten hits dog. Magda misses Dog. Gigan misses dog. Kaylee weaves and fails Astral Sight. Ibon hits Dog, dropping him. Dwarf recovers.
Round 4: Jerrit gives the dwarf the chance to surrender, then knocks him out.

The cook arrives, the child is sent for the House of Garlen, and the Watchguard are called for. Kaylee looks into the Astral, seeing him holding a scale with a spiral etching in a magical language, Pattern is VERY complex. Dragon scale of Green color, with etched writing. Ibon speaks to the Minstrel by the fireplace, apparently not an Adept. Learns the nursery rhyme of the Blue Dragon. Guards take dwarf to prison. Guards explain laws of ownership, go to victim, then to rescuers. Dwarf’s Name is Janos Taered. Watchguard Falks is in charge.

Crossing paths with Willanos, he’s dealt with the orc in charge of the Tooth and Nail, and has formed a Forge. Orc deals with Axes and other Blacksmith, Willanos will not compete on those items.

Veltrom 6, 1509 TH

Awoken by guardsman knocking on the door. Blood Elves broke in and stole the scale, and killing a guard. Heading to the Assembly Hall, we meet Watch Commander Vigsnith. Falks offers us job on the Blood Elves. Discussion of where the Blood Elves went, and how to proceed. Magda investigates the crime site: locks picked by magic, quick & good, in through window in locker room, got drop on guard, one stunned by Illusion, one knifed in throat, and took scale and guard tabards to walk out front door. Talking to ferrymen turns up nothing. The barmaid gave up her right to the dwarfs property, so it goes to us. Turns up his Journal, a magic bag of money, potions, and a set of placards (Wizard spellbook). We get Falks as a tracker to guide us after the Elves.

Tracks lead us to some woods outside of town, we find the two guards tabards, and continue following. We see the glint of light off armor. Magda sneaks up to see. There is a Troll leaning on a great bow next to a statue of a warrior, and a fire pit with benches (pilgrimage site?). Lots of anorexic soldiers in the clearing, standing in ranks. One Elf (not Blood Elves) hands over scale to the Troll, “Hell of a time finding this place.” They start discussing the location of the second scale. Magda starts sneaking to take the scale from behind the Troll. Troll kills the Elf Thief, with a poisoned Hawk Hatchet. Meeting is at Kratas, in the tavern called the Broken Halberd. Elves are Arsallas & Krosper (dead). Troll has bosses. Statue (Bastion) turns to look at Troll, “We should take the town by force.” Something keeping them out of town. They notice the scale is missing, blaming the Elves. Koron (boss?) is waiting. They leave for Kratas.

Journal mentions Straw Men (a type of False Men), made in Parlainth, corrupted by Horrors.

Falks goes to retrieve Krosper’s body. We set up an ambush for Arsallas. He appears to see our tracks on the road, and grabs his amulet to summon 4 Straw Men. Our group closes. The Straw Men attack, doing little damage.
Arsallas casts Ephemeral Bolts around, knocking out Quinten.
Jerrit hits a False Man, which disperses into nothing… and repeats the process on all 4 of them. Arsallas is brought down by Jerrit also, and then punched in the head for good measure by a recovered Quinten.

We meet up with Falks and bring our bounty back to Asylum for our reward, and new property.


OOG: Man, Random’s rolls were off-the-scale. First damage rolls with 2d12s should always be 12+11+10…


If you’re willing to nickle and dime yourself each round, you can rack up some serious damage. The trick will be doing it when the NPcs have higher Physical Defenses. Keep those skills Ranked up, cheif!

Session 1: A Matter of Scale

So we have the dragon scale. Cause I have a lot of scale too, but they are not as important to the rest of you. I’m sure we don’t want someone keeping it on their person, else you want to end up like that Beastmaster. Anyone think of a place to keep it? Where it will not be stolen, and we / Kaylee, can continue to study it.

Session 1: A Matter of Scale

I expect that hiding it in town when we don’t need it is the way to go, especially if the folks who want it and are much more powerful than us can’t enter Asylum themselves. Possibly in or around Willanos’ shop, just because we can trust him?

Session 1: A Matter of Scale

I’m curious if the shrine the Elves met the Troll at has any significance, or if it was simply a nearby landmark that was close to Asylum.

As for a hiding place for the Scale, under the Forge at Willanos’ place sounds good to me.

Session 1: A Matter of Scale

It is certainly worth stopping by if it’s on our way to any of our other destinations. No one really got a chance to look closely at it. Our npc was too busy being scared and our thief too busy being awesome.

Session 1: A Matter of Scale

One thing I thought was rather suspicious about that whole thing with the Troll-with-Greatbow and Emaciated-Honor-Guard scene – how quickly the Troll was to blame the Elves for the missing scale, and how no one there spent any time looking for it before they gave up and moved on to Kratas. Maybe they thought the delivered scale was an illusion right from the start, but they seem intelligent enough that they should have been able to see through something like that? Why didn’t they send someone immediately after Arsallas, who had just left, in order to question him about it? I’ll admit, it’s nice and neat that no one suspects involvement by a third party (i.e. us) yet, but it does make me wonder if the scale is not as important to them as it originally seemed.

Session 1: A Matter of Scale

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