Earthdawn: The Exiled Lords

Session 2: The Sum of Its Parts

15 Days of Downtime

Ibon uses Forge Weapon 3 times, Improving the weapons of Ibon and Quentin.
Ibon fails to use Item History on the Scale.

T’skrang ships stop by every 3 or so days. One major vessel from House Ketenshin.

Turathalas Shien – Blood Elf Warrior, trained Gigan.
Fishbay the Blue – Taught Quentin Swordmaster on board ship.
“Cogsworth” – Human Thief/spy taught Magda.
Borvelus Toc – Elementalist Enchanter willing to train Kaylee, spells for additional cost.
Willanos – setting up temp shop in barn just outside town, teaching Ibon there.
Urath Skyshredder – Troll Sky Raider taught Jerrit. Lost some people in wyvern attack to the West.

(Note: can pre-Train for circles with down time, then truly circle up when LPs allow)

Researching cartography and Janos’ Journal, we can figure out his path back to the Scale. Need a local with wilderness survival skills. Falks is busy, but knows a girl who could help, member of the Guard, Garika, Elf Archer. Discuss Scale, we bring it with us.

Veltrom 22

1 day of travel.

We find 2 ravaged corpses, which becomes 4… some horses and Orc bodies. A few places around the bodies are odd footprints, one catlike, one birdlike. Magda realizes they are the same creature. Garika recalls that Griffons like horses, and will attack people if provoked. 3 or 4 Griffons did this attack. Magda recoils from an arrow shot by a mounted Orc. 3 more Mounted orcs round the corner and charge.

Trying to talk to the Orcs proves ineffective. One is killed, the captain and another are knocked out, and the archer rides away.

Loot: 160 silver, 2 Maces, 1 Mace is Forged once. Riders Shield Forged once (4/0) (to Jerrit).

Healing takes place.

Orcs wake up, angry. Frothing and raving occurs. The horses seem to offer to take their bonded riders away, so we allow it.
Looking up, we see circling large flying things… likely Griffons.

Heading up the mountain, we find our way to the campsite where Adris fell. Looking down we see a dwarven corpse about 60 feet fall, and 3 weeks dead. Kaylee flies down to investigate. Evidence of a mountain cat, but also Griffon tracks as well.

Loot: Satchel bag with ruined journal, 3 days of rations, 30 gold, 1 Air coin (value 1,000 silver).

Dusk falls, Garika finds a cave for us to rest in safely, fire is made for Kaylee to cook with.

Veltrom 23

2 Griffons swoop attack. Jerrit knocks down one, and others kill it. Garika Animal Bonds the other one away.
Loot: 150 silver worth of Griffon feathers (LPs).

(Climbing is Broken) Untrained: Move 1 square for each success level.
Kaylee flies up, Garika climbs up with a rope, and attaches it for others to climb.

Garika fails to Bond with the Griffon, and gets horribly mauled until Magda saves her. When Kaylee draws the other Griffon down to Ibon.

Loot: 220 silver and 240 silver of Griffon feathers (LPs). Garika drinks a Booster Potion to heal.

Heading inside a cave we find and kill 2 Griffons.

Loot: 90 silver feathers, and 330 silver (LPs).

Brief theory: Scales may drive animals crazy, but affected the Beastmaster through his bond?

We find a nest with several young Griffons, and then get jumped by another Griffon and a Bull Griffon. After they’re dead, an egg hatches, and a baby looks around at us. We look around for the Scale, finding it in a pile of refuse. Garika starts bonding with the hatchling.

Loot: Several saddle bags. 500 silver worth of gems. Desperate Blow charm. More Griffon Bits.
Scale is written like book, left to right in lines.

Head back to campsite cave. Healing happens. Attempting to read scale.

Veltrom 25

Garika keeps feeding the baby Griffon.

Heading down the mountain we run into a group of Orcs waiting for us, with the Archer we saw before. A chieftain and Nethermancer.

Faspar Crowcheck of the Crowchek Lancers. Not Scorchers… Cavalry. Father of the slain Orc demands restitution, and charges Quentin, Kaylee enters the battle. Ibon walks into the battlefield, but the Orcs do not react. Ibon is invited to move closer, and begins talking and Haggling with the Orcs about hiring their Cavalry for Asylum and/or Overland Trading Group guards.

Groseth chose poorly, Vaspar wants to pay ransom for his life, for 3 Fire coins (value 1,000 silver each).
Ibon drops the name of Dweomersmith Emporium, for more business, and further talk about Security in the future.

Return to Willanos’s forge, where he’s talking to a woman and looking grim. Human woman is a Troubadour, Named U’laj. Has story to tell us about the Scales.

The Book of Scales made from Scales of Dragon. Verjigorm, hunter of Dragons, did a great deed, captured a Dragon (name forgotten), until it was driven insane, then bound it, tore out it’s scales and claws, blood for ink, the Dragon wrote the history of the Horrors. In time that Scourge ended, and Horrors fled. The dragon’s last act was to scatter them across the realms to protect people from them. Perverted rite of Naming? 1504 a Windling Uloox (not an Adept) from Kratas went in search of Scales, came back changed, now raging around town. Gone mad? Killed 6 children. Voices in his head to kill children to finish book. Book may have clues to defeat adversaries.

Reassembled in full, it could give insight to not only Verjigorm and his allies, but into all Horrors. The great library may have the ability to safely care for the book. The Book wants to be completed and restored.

Mentioning Troll and Bastion, she’s heard of Galvir Kohron Dwarf, legend of Exiled Lords – 4 magicians for massive power, beyond max circle. Before this scourge, mastered death, found ways to avoid it. None know their goals, great dragons may consider them equals. Survived Sourge outside a Kaer.

  • Galvir Kohron Dwarven Wizard. Knowledge allows him to avoid death.
  • Dekran Seive Elven Illusionist. Cast an Illusion so that no one believes he can die.
  • Fergus Dirge Human of Landis Nethermancer. Fights Death 1/year to avoid death. Tools to protect him from death, 1st Obsidiman skin armor.
  • M’ganon Orc Elementalist, leader of the group. Bound enough elements to his True Form and Pattern to escape death.

Each has a companion, minions. Troll may be companion of Kohron.

Debate theories about magic levels, and conspiracy theories about the Exiled Lords machinations and goals with the Book of Scales. U’laj is hired to do more research for us.


Week 1: Ibon uses Item History on several things at once. Book of Scales, Journal of Alisan Cinderwood, Astra’s Right Hand, Jerrit’s Crystal Battle-Axe, and Gigan’s Turtleshell Shield. He succeeded on the Journal and Shield.


So let’s see, We have two pages from The Book of Scales. And it seems that the 4 most powerful mages in their discipline are also looking for them. Or at least one of them is. And it’s unknown which side of the fence they are on. They want to assemble the book to learn how to defeat the horrors, or they want to study the book to have the same power as the horrors. If I were not a Warrior with something to prove, I would probably run away and have nothing to do with this. But I am a Warrior with something to prove. So I am glad to travel down this path with the rest of you.

Session 2: The Sum of Its Parts

We know that one of the Exiled Lords, the wizard Kohron, is after the Book of Scales.

It stands to reason that the Book of Scales is a Major Pattern Item made by the Great Hunter. This could give a great amount of power over Horrors to whoever can tie Threads to it, for good or ill of the rest of the world.

I can think of a few reasons the Exiled Lords would want the Book, as I mentioned before. Knowledge of the Horrors may explain their relationship to the ebb and flow of magic in our world, which they want to control to maintain their immortality. Perhaps one of the Lords became tainted during the Scourge and they wish to purify them?

They also sound powerful enough that the Great Hunter may simply be their next conquest, as we are currently considering Cinderwood…

Session 2: The Sum of Its Parts

I am thankful that the Library of Throal was mentioned as a possible good place to keep it. It would be unfortunate to have to remove mention of the Scales from our Journals when we donate them. All the same, we should be ready for a serious inquiry from them after they read it.

Session 2: The Sum of Its Parts

Likewise; I think they’d have a vested interest in it, and are probably the most secure and well set up for it.

Random thoughts:

Can major or core pattern items exert an influence on those who have tied threads to them? Meaning, while we might be able to weave threads to the book to increase our abilities against the Great Hunter (and those Dragons it has corrupted?), would the malign influence of something connected to such a foul thing affect us in any way?

Would any Great Dragons have an interest here, as well? Is this something we want to even think about?

Finally, yeah, I do think that these Lords will be a problem; if all their methods for avoiding Death rely on needing a certain amount of magical power, they’d absolutely want to keep magic at or above that level – but not TOO far above, or worse Horrors appear, and they risk another Scourge.

Are they responsible for the magic level stabilizing? Is this even a good thing? Is there anything we can do about them yet other than hide below their vision?

Session 2: The Sum of Its Parts

I am late to the conversation.
Did the Great Dragons care about each other at all? They may be pissed about what happened to the one who made this book. Not that I really want to go ask them for help. That’s a little terrifying to even think about.

I don’t have any faith in these powerful mages being remotely good people. BUT it’s possible that they don’t get along, and if one is looking for the book another might be willing to stop him out of spite.

(Crunch climb is being purchased. I am a learner.)

Session 2: The Sum of Its Parts

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