Earthdawn: The Exiled Lords

Session 3

Garika: 13 days – makes her own Elven Warbow.
Ibon: 13 days – improves Jerrit, Magda, and Gigan’s weapons. 3 Item history on Dagger and Axe all fail.
Quentin: Hangs at the docks, hears about Broken Halbard, and gets 1 job for Crowcheck Lancers.

Charassa 16

Head Northwest towards Kaer. Spring is turning to Summer. End of the day, we’re in the foothills of the Tylon Mountains, walking along a pass. Some of us notice the earth shaking, from underground. And a Rockworm emerges from the ground beside us. Garika points out what it is to the rest of us, while shooting it. It goes back underground, and when it returns, a hidden Magda surprise strikes it unconcious. No sooner does it settle down, a second one attacks. Kaylee and Gigan make short work of it. Just in time for number 3! This one doesn’t die as quickly, and burrows to the backline to attack Garika. Magda runs to backstab it, and then Kaylee burns it down.

Loot: harvest gems and crystals – 160, 190, and 220 silver (and LP) worth.

Garika notes that they are fiercely territorial, and often around sources of Elemental Earth and Oricalcum. Ibon notes the location on his map for future prospecting. Jerrit heals some.

Ibon dreams (which is weird) – much more abstract, flashing images of pain and insane views, horrific things, feel like I’m ripping my own scales out. Whispers in strange languages. Book coming together, must keep writing, if you stop, Verjigorm will take you.

Upon awaking, the scales have joined together on their own. Ibon shares with the party, and hands off the scales to Magda, does not want it back.

Day 2: stay in hostel for 10 silver total.

Day 3: is rain. We camp for dinner. We hear someone moving in trees to the South sneaking badly. Some hear another sneaking to the North, and another upon the ridge. Jerrit and Garika take the ridge.

3 Ogres emerge from the woods, with their MIGHTY MAGIC WEAPONS!!! Quentin, Ibon, and Kaylee go South. Magda and Gigan go North. Jerrit and Garika cover the ridge. After killing the one on the ridge, Jerrit Great Leaps down onto the Norther Ogre, killing it.

Loot: 100 silver coins, large smelly leather armor.

Storm worsens, and the thunder sounds odd. Thunder is actually Fire Cannons going off. We see a few flashes in the sky off to the Northwest. Approx 4 cannons, unknown number of ships.

Day 4: See smoke coming from wreckage to North, off planned route. We pass foodstuff barrels, sail cloth. 3 miles later, find smashed ruins of Air Ship, long trench of it’s landing. Bodies of crew lie everywhere. Mostly human, some orc and dwarf. Some bodies have sword stab wounds. Tracks of looters, who also killed survivors. Cargo ferry ship, fire cannon mounts without cannons. Named Radiance of Jerris. Runs from Jerris to Bartertown. Hear weak cough from inside the ship. Find human nearly bisected by deck. He mentions Black Wing Pirates in a black corvette. Kept firing as they fell out of the sky. Not Raiders, not enough trolls. They took almost everything of value, saved a gem pendant in his mouth, Floranus talisman with measuring notches on back. Named Hanton Crish, has wife in Bartertown, named Belia. Bring her necklace. We place the bodies into the ship, and set it on fire.

We know Black Wing Pirates were a failed attempt, around Iopos.

Get passage on a ferry for 10 silver each. And reach the edge of the Glenwood Deep forest. Following road, we find a village. Something was brought down and draged into the nearby bushes. Find the torn remains of a body, a broken sword, and a sachel with silver and gold. Giant hooked claw marks, Griffon or Molgrim? Can’t find the tracks.

Loot: 435 silver, 13 gold

Enter village of Korizor. Elvish architecture. They notice us and begin gathering and getting excited. Elder elf arrives, Korshano. We hand them the pouch and explain finding the body. About a month of Molgrim attacks. Another moved into the area, and they’re competing. Last week a female arrived, making it worse. Feeding off any animal or Namegiver they find. Lesoth was to take money and hire help. Korshano knew of Cinderwood, and is willing to share information to increase the payment. They know 2 lairs, 1 East by small river hunts during the day; female in ruins of farmhouse, 1 is somewhere to the North.

Farmhouse Female: Jerrit makes a lot of noise to call out the Molgrim. She obliges by jumping on Jerrit and clawing him badly. The Molgrim bounces around the filed, attacking us. As it begins to retreat, Ibon stays on top of it, hitting it once. Quentin runs up and drops it. Barn is full of gore. House has been broken into. We bring heirloom to return to town.

River Lair: We find the cave the Molgrim sleeps in, and array ourselves expecting to come from the Northwest. It comes from the Southwest. Seeing Ibon, it jumps to attack him, roaring. Jerrit comes out of hiding, roars, and attacks the Molgrim. The rest of the party jumps out to attack, while Kaylee prepares Stick Together. The other male Molgrim arrives and bellows a challenge, and attacks the injured Molgrim. They fight mid-jump while the party recovers. Garika drops the wounded one. Gigan and Quentin kill the second one.

Return to town. Have celebration dinner. Awarded 500 silver.

Talk with Korshano about Cinderwood. Looking for Alengstro Kaer several years ago. Full of confidence. Location mentioned in the local Kaer maps. Had 3 companions, loud Troll swordsman, elf friendly with ladies (presumably Finnegas and Goranog), dwarf or short human Nethermancer? Didn’t want to be around him. Few could remember him afterwards (Illusionist?). Scouting party went to Alengstro, found door broken in. Cinderwood was looking for wyverns for a cloak Trolls kin. Did not see them again. About a days travel from village. Have not seen wyverns lately. Built to hold several thousand. Seems honestly concerned about us and Cinderwood. Wants us to return or send word of our success.


The Broken Halberd is a Warrior bar in Kratas; other Disciplines may show up occasionally – an archer, a cavalryman, you know – but it’s overwhelmingly a Warrior establishment. Good place to go to hire muscle.

Session 3

If it’s a Warriors establishment, looks like I’m going to have some talking to do when we go down there. My charming looks will be such a great aid for me as usual I’m sure.

Session 3

Being that the Troll Archer is holding a meeting there, I don’t see a problem for most of us getting in the door.

I am concerned about this “forgotten” person that was with Cinderwood in this kaer.

Session 3

Yeah, there are supposedly other martial Adepts there, despite it being a Warrior’s bar.

…I expect at least one of them to pick a fight with me, though.

Also, after we’re done with the kaer and make it back to Asylum, I really feel that I should get to Bartertown relatively quickly; that airship will be so long overdue at that point that Beliah will certainly need some serious closure.

Session 3

I think that will (or could) coincide with our desire to travel to Throal to submit our journals to the Great Library for the holiday.

I’d have to check a map for travel time, but I think we could time it right by going to Kratas, and then overland or by river to Throal.

Session 3

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