Earthdawn: The Exiled Lords

Session 5

Chapter 4.5

Session 5 (Chapter 4.5 -DarthGM)

Charassa 26 Continuing inside Alengstro Kaer

Heading into the “freezer” area, the groud begins to be covered in snow, and later it starts to snow (indoors). There are random gusts of wind.

The cavern opens up to a massive room, with a large lake with a fortress in the center island, with walkways from the mainland. This is likely a place for Adepts to be trained.

As we enter, some more Ice infused Cadaver Men rise and approach us. We head for the bridge, with Garika using her new Flame Arrow to cover our approach. Magda inspects the bridges for traps, declaring them clear. Kaylee and Garika make it to the bridge, and rain fire upon the Cadaver men. Gigan, Jerrit, and Ibon create a wall in front of the bridge to block their approach. Magda sets up a rope to assist people over a slippery area on the bridge.

As Magda, Kaylee, and Quentin arrive at the island, they see a few Ice Men arriving from the other bridge. Ibon is nearly killed by a frenzied Cadaverman, but Gigan gets him a Healing Potion before it’s too late.

Kaylee casts Detect Elementalism, sensing 7 powers inside the building. There’s a viewing area at the top, with a large powerful source there. Also 2 corrupt sources nearby, moving around near the first. 3 down in a basement, and 1 just inside the door.

Entering the building theres a booming voice. “Welcome to Alengstro Kaer. Best population was 956, breeched by horror in 1365, Living population: 0 when opened in 1433.” A well dressed Troll, with ice for weapons, and eye. Goranog of Uropa, slew the last warder of Alengstro. Master of Five rewarded him. Goranog implies that if we do not start combat with his soon, the Master will arrive soon. We engage.

As we close on Goranog, an icy windling archer flies in and attacks. Then a female dwarven warrior arrives. Goranog throws an icy hawk hatchet that hits Gigan, Ibon, Jerrit, and Quentin, it returns to him, and an icy broadsword appears instead. Other friend was first experiment, didn’t work out so well… then there’s Alisan… He decided to work with the Master. There is a rainbow aura that comes out of his head, flows to his sword, and he attacks again with it… which Quentin Ripostes neatly. A T’sktrang Nethermancer enters the room, casting at Ibon. Ibon moves to engange, getting knocked out by a Spirit Grip. The Nethermancer tries to follow up, but fails to kill Ibon. Kaylee gets another Healing Potion to Ibon to get him up, and then burns the T’skrang down. Quentin and Gigan chase Goranog around the room. Gigans axe goes flying. Kaylee gets a final Fire blast, his sword returns to normal and drops to the ground. He

Troll Sword is post-scourge Thread Blade, made in Urupa, very valuable and ornate.
Hawk hatchet is Thread
Troll sized Living Crystal Armor under clothes, not thread.
260 silver in assorted money and valuables.
A Grimiore for each magician, with all Spells up to Circle 4.
3400 in silver and gold pre-Scourge coinage.
800 silver in rare metals
1000 from the jade tablets and fire quarts

Basement seems to be the primary training area. Ritual Circle. Burnt body with lots of magic performed upon it. Pages and scratchings on the wall. It includes talking about the One Who Lies and the Horror’s name, Quinalcus – The Horror of Five, the Horror of One. Though since this was told by the One Who Lies, is this true? Kaylee has heard the name Quinalcus before, a manipulator, mastermind, not direct, not considered very powerful. Inspecting the circle, there are 5 points, but 2 points are out. They may be linked to the gems. We head upstairs and find grimoirs, including a Elemental book with Dispel Elementalism. Kaylee “quickly” learns Dispel. We decide to rest for the night.

Charassa 27

We return to the circle, and prepare to Dispel the points of the Circle. Kaylee is nervous, and takes a while to weave the Threads of the Spell. She dispells the Air, there is thunder above, and footsteps on the stairs, lightning flashes, rumbling gets louder. She dispells Water, fails. Ibon tries Abate Curse, but it does not take. She sucessfully casts Dispel Water and the thunder fades. Kaylee can’t sense them anymore. Turning to the last point, Fire, Kaylee Dispells it handily.

Heading into the final chamber, it’s the administrative chamber, with a large crypt that’s been broken into and looted. All the buildings have been burned. Lots of burnt corpses. Blacksmiths shop has another inert quartz. Hanging on a hook in the crypt is a black cloak, seems to absorb light, could sell for 1000 silver easily. Has a deep and complex pattern.

Return to Korshano and report in, warning others to stay away for Al’engstro. He tells us about a Troubador told him to give a gift to somone of great import. He brings out an Orichalcum coin. Gifts it to us, telling us not to spend it, as it’s more valuable than coin. Called himself the Traveller, human.

4442 Legend

Ibon does a full week of Item History (rank 5) attempts
Quentins Dagger 15 6 ranks, max threads 2, 1 deed @ 6th, Initiate rank cost, key knowledge up to 5th
Hawk hatchet 4 100 silver for Willanos. 7 Ranks, 2 threads, Deed @ 5, Key Knowledge at 1 Name, 3 where True Air and True Water came from.
Troll Sword 5
Floranus Amulet 22 4 Thread Ranks
Jerrit Axe 13
Dark Cloak 6; 100 silver for Willanos
Gigan Shield 12


My kneejerk response is that the Illusionist really is playing a long game, and was telling the truth as recorded in those ravings we found. I think that as soon as you become that kind of immortal being though, that with those kind of really long games people become just pawns on the board because it’s just bigger than them or whatever bullshit excuse they have to keep themselves from thinking they’ve become a monster.

Something occurs to me; if we’re going to be sticking around in Asylum for as long as it seems, might it be worth holding on to all the grimoires that we found, against future use? Seems that if any other low to mid Circle adepts come through town that they might be appreciative of the ability to copy some spells out of them in exchange for money, stories, information, or lending a hand. Not like they’ll go bad, at any rate.

Session 5

It is sad, that the second adventuring party, the T’skrang, Windling, and Dwarf, will now be lost forever. It would have been nice to have learned something about them, other then what kind of Adept they were. At least be able to say “Rest now. You are free from this binding.” Is something I am going to look into. I heard that it is not uncommon for Warriors to take this path. brings a bit of calmness to their life. This reason, among others, is why I ask if the rest of you don’t mind me holding onto that Nethermancer grimiore.

Session 5

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