Earthdawn: The Exiled Lords

Session 6 - Chapter 5

Session 6 – Chapter 5

2 weeks of Forging and Item history – Garika, Ibon, Quentin get improved
Book of Scales up to rank 5 – Pattern Item bonus against Horrors with whole book only. Page can give bonus to specific horror on page.
Hawk Hatchet – 7 Ranks, 2 Max Threads, Key knoweldge at 1, 3. Deed at 5.
Shadow Cloak – Confounds Willanos and Ibon

Discussion about Group Pattern item:
Should not do before Kratas. Ibon should wait till after the Pilgramige. Establishing at start or end of Pilgramige may have more resonant implications.

Week of prospecting:
Kaylee scouts the area of the rockworm attack. Someone made some ambush blinds along the path. There are also some crude animal hide huts nearby. And a few ogres hiding behind the blinds. Wearing chainmail, so they’ve traded Elemtal Earth with someone.

Quinten goes up and starts Socially assaulting the first ogre. Ogre walks out and starts pointing out various other ogres and the huts. Another ogre gets annoyed and orders the attack. Quentin jumps the gun and attacks first. Leader turns out to be an Ogre Twin, switching bodies with a double in Astral Space. We wear them down to just the boss (and his twin).

Afterwards, we search the campground. Some Namegiver skeletons strewn about. Merchant wares strewn about. A partially dug area for mining.

Suits of Chainmail (Ibon resizes for Gigan)
80 silver from Twins
5 gems (50 silver each) worth LPs (250)
140 silver from other Ogres.
Crate with 8 kernels of True Earth
Kaylee finds another 7 kernals.

Return to town:
Gigan has been teaching combat classes, melee, thrown, avoid blow, etc. Gigan found 2 students are becoming Warrior Discipline, Fer’rol dwarf, human female Tin.

28th of Rua
Large Riverboat, the Green River arrives in Asylum. 6 T’skrang, Captain Aldestract Tuft On Head, with a hat with 20-30 plumes in it. Apparntly a Boatman, not Swordmaster.

Gigan’s headcrest gets spotted, and the Captain is curious. Askes if he’s blessed by the Shivoam, the dragon that carved and became the Serpent River.

1 day Travel to Dunedown: cargo loaded and unloaded.
2 days another riverboat (green and silver) twin paddle wheels, moves up alongside. Daggerfish. Captain strides up to the bow, stands proudly akimbo. Captain Virit Velexa of Daggerfish, demands a toll. They barter… Captain Tuftonhead corrects Velexa’s manners. 150 drams is the starting bid. Many insults later, they agree to meet in 12 minutes in combat.

Various haggling begins amongst the PC’s to get them to join in the “Barter” combat. Contract with Overland Trading Group to be written up afterwards. Gerrit wants one of the Captain’s plumes.

Gairka starts firing at super long range. Kaylee joins in when able. They have an Elementalist that shoots Ice Spears back at us. The first one to board our ship is dressed like a chef, Great Leaping to threaten Garika. The chef turns out to be a Sky Raider, so he duels Jerrit. Captain Tuftsonhead tells Quentin to take down the other Captain, the two tangle with the cloak swinging T’skrang until he yields. A few enemies wind up in the river, swimming to the rear of their boat to start fishing. Magda Great Leaps to charge their caster, knocking him out. Gigan gets to the middle ofa plank and fights two at a time, until one is knocked out, and the other yields when he fails to hit.

After Jerrit knocked out the T’skrang, we decide to move the party to the nearby village for dinner, healing, and completion of the Barter. Daggerfish unloads 15 drams of cargo. Chef cooks a mean fish. Jerrit decorates his War Cleaver with a daggerfish. He tells Jerrit that he would be honored to join any crew of an air ship that Jerrit is command of. Jerrit wins the 2nd best plume from his hat, firey red. Fire Ostrich of the Creanna jungle (50 silver, very basic pattern just created it’s pattern). Kaylee also sees the hat is a Pattern item for the ship, which Capt Tuftsonhead has woven into.

The ships part friendly rivals.

LOOT: Cut of cargo
300 silver

Arrive in Daiche. There’s another ship leaving in 7 days towards K’tenshin. Kratas is a day inland. Quentin checks out the Air Warden for air ships.

We go shopping for a Last Chance Salve. We’re directed to The Emporium. It has a collection of trinkets and bones hanging from everything. There’s a plume of red smoke and a kettle whistle. The Emporium of Zip’phee the Wonderous, Nethermancer. 2 for 1 specials. Not an illusionist.

Inside lots of body parts and scrolls stewn about. Albino T’skrang cackling. Buy last chance salves. Looks at Gigan strangely. Can train Ghost Master Ritual. Hearing more about Asylum lately, from Captains and Troll Archer. She’s heard of Gigan’s issues at the K’tenshin Academy.

She takes a look at Gigans shield, runes are Nethermantic, Gigan shares it’s Name. Honarfar, she recognizes the name. Honarfar was T’skrang before the Scourge, riverboat crew, Nethermancer and Beastmaster. Shell is Tiger Tortise in Liaj jungle, he had one as a pet starting out as Beastmaster. Pet died, so turned shell into shield, and would summon spirit back sometimes.

Looking at Shadow Cloak, she’s stunned. The One Who Lies is a Questor to Mad Vestral. Trickster’s Cloak, the mantle Vestral wore before fall. Story about Vestral tainting by Horrors, theory that Vestral became paranoid and insane. She recoils at sight of the Book of Scales pages. The pages find each other, and she brings out a page. Great Library in Throal or Eternal Library in Thera could have more pages. Theorizing and discussion about Exiled Lords and Asylum.

Read her the Rhyme of Asylum. It’s a ritual, possibly a Key Knowledge or Deed, need to find Pattern Item. Blood Magic involved with thread weaving (4 threads?). Conditions to break ritual make ritual stronger.

WILD THEORY: Exiled lords hid a dragon, did a blood magic ritual to hide them. Including from other dragons. Troll and Falseman has active magics or pattern item from Wizard master to keep him out of Asylum.

Gives us 12 Kelix’s Poultices (preventative vs poison), and 2 Last Chance Salves for free.

Jerrit mentions Horror Maraduce. She offers to do research, and send ally spirits in the night with information.

Legend: 4021
Jerrit Bonus: 350


I hope you all enjoyed your look into life on a T’skrang River boat. This is very typical for what happens. very rare are there pirates who do not honor this code of conduct and just straight up attack. I have no love for those boats and crews. And I’m sure you can understand why I would enjoy another riverboat trip to our next destination.

I have a strange feeling that I am going to enjoy my learning from Zip’phee.

And I’m going to stick to my personal crazy idea for Asylum, that it is somehow a Kear that isn’t buried deep in a mountain.

Session 6 - Chapter 5

It has been quite some time since I have seen our river neighbors playing on their boats. It was refreshing, even if the subtleties of tradition have changed.

Kaers were built in all kinds of ways. Certainly the most common was the underground dwarven method. The Blood Wood enchanted their forest to protect them. T’skrang enchanted underwater buildings or even bubbles, so the Serpent herself protected them.

As I recall, Kratas built a magical dome over the city, which failed mid-Scourge. The ruins of which became a draw for all manner of people, picking the bones of the city. Until the recent Theran attack, when a Thief Adept, Garlthik One-Eye, drew his fellow thieves together to repel the Therans. He still rules the area in an unconventional method (by Throalic standards anyway) but stands firm in his stance against Thera.

Session 6 - Chapter 5

I certainly had no idea the strange ways the T’skrang interact with each other. Staying on a boat for awhile seems like it would be fun, if I could find a way to keep the spray off my wings.

What is our plan now? I know we want to go to Kratos, but are we stopping to see the widow first or going to find the troll immediately?
Or something else that I’ve totally forgotten about.
I know we had a plan, but I didn’t take good notes on the boat so I’m in the dark.

Session 6 - Chapter 5

The widow is in Bartertown, so we won’t be finding her too soon. If I remember, the plan is to find the troll and get Magda to toss his room. If he discovers us, we roll him hard and fast.

Then we keep along with going on a pilgramage, and after that we discuss group patterns, and I think we’re in Bartertown then? Or am I wrong?

Also, there’s a wizard spell to keep your wings dry, I think.

Clearly, we need to travel by riverboat more often. Or get an airship. Or both.

Session 6 - Chapter 5

The Pilgrimage ends in House Sirtis. It is a (relatively) short jump over (or tunneling under) the Throal Mountains to Bartertown, which is the gateway to the Kingdom of Throal.

Session 6 - Chapter 5

Good deal. Hopefully we’ll be able to find an airship, since tunneling under would be so much effort.

Session 6 - Chapter 5

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