Janos Taered

Dwarven Beastmaster


3rd or 4th Circle Dwarven Beastmaster.

Mastered 2 large hounds, Podril and Felgee (deceased).


See The Journal of Janos Taered for most information.

Originally from the city of Jerris.

Left with brother, Adris (Dwarven Wizard). Stumbled across some Straw men attacking a human. After saving him from the Straw Men, the human attacked them. Janos killed him in self defense. The human had 2 green dragon scales, each carved with gold sigils. After a few days, the brothers began bickering over the scales. When Janos awoke finding Adris “stealing” his scale, Janos attacked Adris. Adris fell off the ledge of their mountain campsite, and died at the bottom of the ravine.

When Janos had reached Asylum, he and his dogs, looked feral and malnourished.

Currently incarcerated in the Asylum Assembly Hall jail.

Janos Taered

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