Leodas Dolan

Human male, early 40s, Air Sailor adept and captain of the Astral Corsair


Sun-bleached blonde hair, tan weathered skin, charismatic personality, perpetual smile hiding a hint of sorrow and loss. Very fit. Carries a rapier and a short sword. Rarely wears armor. Eighth Circle Air Sailor adept.


Astral Corsair Crew
Doughrugan: Dwarven male Air Sailor, could be Willanos’s cousin
Irian: Human female Air Sailor, young, new, tough but impressionable
Grunk: Ork male Sky Raider, dislikes the air sailors, but likes being in the air
Walks: Human female Air Sailor, stern, by-the-book
Daphray: human male Air Sailor; charming, face-man, conducts most negotiations with Captain Dolan
Turk: Troll female Air Sailor,

Leodas Dolan

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