Astra's Right Hand

A large parrying dagger with elongated quillions and an ornate hand guard

weapon (melee)

Base stats: Dwarf Sword

Note: Despite the name, the weapon can be wielded in either hand.

How many Thread Ranks the item has: Six
Maximum Threads that may be woven to the item: 2
Does the item have Deeds associated with it?: Yes
Costs: Initiate
Spell Defense: 13


Thread Rank One
Key Knowledge: You must know the name of the sword
Effect: The dagger adds +1 to the wielder’s Parry tests made with the dagger.

Thread Rank Two
Effect: The dagger grants a +1 bonus to the character’s Physical Defense.

Thread Rank Three
Key Knowledge: You must know the name of the first Adept Astra fought when she joined the crew of the Astral Corsair
Effect: ????

Astra's Right Hand

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