Book of Scales

Big Green Scale with Gold wrighting


Pattern item.
Spell Defense: 20 or under
Number of pages currently held: 3

Weaving Thread to the entire book will give bonuses against all Horrors.
Weaving Threads to a page will give bonuses against the Horror upon that page.

Currently held (and regularly getting Abate Cursed) by Ibon.

Drives the bearer insane after some time. It may affect animals (and Beastmasters) faster than others.


The Horror Named Vejigrom, the Hunter of Dragons, captured a Dragon (name forgotten), until it was driven insane, then bound it, tore out it’s scales and claws, used it’s blood for ink. With this, the Dragon wrote down the history of the Horrors.

In time the Scourge ended, and the Horrors fled. The dragons last act was to scatter the pages of the Book across the realms to protect the other Name Givers from them.

Reassembled in full, it could give insight to not only Verjigorm and his allies, but into all Horrors. The great library may have the ability to safely care for the book. The Book wants to be completed and restored.

Book of Scales

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