Earthdawn: The Exiled Lords

Investigating Kratas

Session 7

Mawag 2
Kaylee looks at Jerrit’s new Feather, and determines it’s a Minor Pattern Item for Jerrit.

Upon entering Kratas, we have a feeling of suspicion and anxiety. We head to the hilltop to speak to Air Ships for possible extraction. The buildings up here have been renovated some.

We meet the Captain of a Troll drakkar, who is in the process of unloading goods. Jerrit talks to him for a while. Quentin narrowly avoids a Dwarf, Doughrugan, taking a swing at his knees from behind. He apparently knows Quentin from his ship. Astral Corsair is down the row, a light friggate. Takes a crew of 6, 2 fire cannons, and modded to be very fast, flat bottom for landing. Quentin sees some crew is new, as is the bow fire cannon.

Captain Leodas Dolan makes introductios to the party. They’ve been running a buisness, and trying to keep people off of Quentin’s trail. She has hired the Hounds of Siryeah, bounty hunters (expensive). They’re still in Thera, but have learned that he’s in Barsaive, want irrefutable proof of his death. Irian, human female, is new crew, has been vetted. We discuss getting passage tomorrow to Lake Ban for the Pilgrimage.

Magda asks around and finds the Broken Halberd. We all drink our poison preventatives. Quentin chats up the barmaid, gets a name of Skeegan Thundercracker. Archer and other talents. Favors hawk hatchets and flight daggers, more of a Sniper. Frequents the bar, but doesn’t really mingle. Can’t get rid of him because he hasn’t broken a rule, and he’s a Warden. He’s connected, guardsmen ask him why he killed someone instead. Well dressed elf and “obsidiman warrior” and occasionally a very creepy Nethermancer with a scythe and obsidiman skin armor. Only person Skeegan deferrs to. Last saw Skeegan 2 weeks ago, and Nethermancer was not pleased with him. Skeegan left after, not back since. Rumor that he’s in town aksing for “art objects of unusual sort” very valuable and unique. Dixby may know where Skeegan is. Dixby is a hangeron, ear to the ground, may have put Skeegan on the path to something.

We wait for about an hour. A young male dwarf bumps into Magda, picks something off the ground and hands it to her. She finds a note in her pocket, telling her to meet with her friends. It’s signed with a stylized eye (The Eye of Throal). We head out to Murderers Row, there’s a dwarven compound to the Neunami House (big trading house from Throal). We’re met by a doorman who goes through traditional greeting. The mystic Rivelani wants to speak with us. Attractive dwarven woman greets us, closes the door and gets down to business. She’s a Junior Gatherer, coordinates in an area. A few Therean spies have gone missing, carrying something of great urgency. Mordul Wellestar was housing them. Watchers didn’t see the spies get on airship, or leave safehouse. No one has entered or left safehouse, since yesterday. Willing to pay 3000 silver for us to check it out, Ibon haggles to add on information about Skeegan, Dixby, and the wherabouts.

We case the safehouse, located in a well to do neighborhood. We see light and some movement inside. Magda sneaks around to the back of the building, and scouts thorugh the windows, seeing a sizeable bloodstain on the floor. Magda tries the front door, and sneaks inside. As the rest of the party enters, Jerrit makes a lot of noise, and a Ghost attacks. Jerrit makes short work of the Ghost, and we move into the back room. Kaylee uses Astral Sight and sees several more spirits about to attack, she warns the group. The old man makes for a door to the basement.

When he’s knocked out, the illusion falls, and he seems to be a middle aged man in red and black robes of the Keys of Death, a cult of people who like to murder folks in long painful ways to free Death from the Death Sea. As we discuss what to do with the cultists, Gigan steps down the stairs, and an alarm goes off, Ibon Abates the stairs to dispel the Alarm. We hear movement downstairs and start running down.

Gigan gets down first, and scans around seeing no one. Magda arrives and sees a bloodstain coming from behind a tapestry. Behind the tapestry there are more cultists, and a ritual circle with a Troll Nethermancer over a recently slaughtered victim.

LOOT: 150 silver on the cultists.

Kaylee checks the circle, the blood has been used to make a circle, the body has been disected long and painfully. Magda spots another secret passage. We decide to toss the building first.

3000 Thoralic silver
2000 Theran silver
80 Gold Throalic
600 gold Theran
4 Booster
4 Healing
4 Salves of Closure
2 Kelix Poltices
2 Disease Remedy Potions
2 Last Chance Salves
1 Desperate Spell Charm
1 Wand Threaded and runed saying “Magical Might”
3 Light Quarts Crystals
4 Broadswords
4 Med crossbows
2 Chain
2 Leather

1 Messenger bag with several journals and maps of Barsaive, logs. Letter to Wyre on the 17ty of Rua (2 weeks ago). “Your daughter is sick. You and your friends need to come home soon. Make haste for Ketenshin. Our family will have a ship there to take you home. G”

We finish off the people, and bring the “old man” to Neunami House. Questioning begins. He crept up from the sewer, killed the original, and replaced him. When the spies showed up, he failed their tests, and killed them. He’s taken away.

Letter seems to be recalling their spies. And implies an attack within 2-3 weeks.

Get paid 3000 silver.

Report on Skeegan is he left on riverboat 2 days ago, downriver. Dixby is at Broken Halbard.

Heading back to Broken Halbard, which is more active. Dixby is listening at the window. Gigan and Quentin give him some warrior tips to butter him up. He’s heard about some T’skrang talking about House Vistrimon, uncle made it big in his youth, has been buying up oddities, recently a set of 8 dragon scales with runes on them.

We make it back to the Astral Corsair, and take off the next morning. People on the deck notice a large something on the horizon paralelling our flight path. Not a dragon… a Theran Behemoth with a few ships flying escort.

Legend points: 4570

Session 6 - Chapter 5

Session 6 – Chapter 5

2 weeks of Forging and Item history – Garika, Ibon, Quentin get improved
Book of Scales up to rank 5 – Pattern Item bonus against Horrors with whole book only. Page can give bonus to specific horror on page.
Hawk Hatchet – 7 Ranks, 2 Max Threads, Key knoweldge at 1, 3. Deed at 5.
Shadow Cloak – Confounds Willanos and Ibon

Discussion about Group Pattern item:
Should not do before Kratas. Ibon should wait till after the Pilgramige. Establishing at start or end of Pilgramige may have more resonant implications.

Week of prospecting:
Kaylee scouts the area of the rockworm attack. Someone made some ambush blinds along the path. There are also some crude animal hide huts nearby. And a few ogres hiding behind the blinds. Wearing chainmail, so they’ve traded Elemtal Earth with someone.

Quinten goes up and starts Socially assaulting the first ogre. Ogre walks out and starts pointing out various other ogres and the huts. Another ogre gets annoyed and orders the attack. Quentin jumps the gun and attacks first. Leader turns out to be an Ogre Twin, switching bodies with a double in Astral Space. We wear them down to just the boss (and his twin).

Afterwards, we search the campground. Some Namegiver skeletons strewn about. Merchant wares strewn about. A partially dug area for mining.

Suits of Chainmail (Ibon resizes for Gigan)
80 silver from Twins
5 gems (50 silver each) worth LPs (250)
140 silver from other Ogres.
Crate with 8 kernels of True Earth
Kaylee finds another 7 kernals.

Return to town:
Gigan has been teaching combat classes, melee, thrown, avoid blow, etc. Gigan found 2 students are becoming Warrior Discipline, Fer’rol dwarf, human female Tin.

28th of Rua
Large Riverboat, the Green River arrives in Asylum. 6 T’skrang, Captain Aldestract Tuft On Head, with a hat with 20-30 plumes in it. Apparntly a Boatman, not Swordmaster.

Gigan’s headcrest gets spotted, and the Captain is curious. Askes if he’s blessed by the Shivoam, the dragon that carved and became the Serpent River.

1 day Travel to Dunedown: cargo loaded and unloaded.
2 days another riverboat (green and silver) twin paddle wheels, moves up alongside. Daggerfish. Captain strides up to the bow, stands proudly akimbo. Captain Virit Velexa of Daggerfish, demands a toll. They barter… Captain Tuftonhead corrects Velexa’s manners. 150 drams is the starting bid. Many insults later, they agree to meet in 12 minutes in combat.

Various haggling begins amongst the PC’s to get them to join in the “Barter” combat. Contract with Overland Trading Group to be written up afterwards. Gerrit wants one of the Captain’s plumes.

Gairka starts firing at super long range. Kaylee joins in when able. They have an Elementalist that shoots Ice Spears back at us. The first one to board our ship is dressed like a chef, Great Leaping to threaten Garika. The chef turns out to be a Sky Raider, so he duels Jerrit. Captain Tuftsonhead tells Quentin to take down the other Captain, the two tangle with the cloak swinging T’skrang until he yields. A few enemies wind up in the river, swimming to the rear of their boat to start fishing. Magda Great Leaps to charge their caster, knocking him out. Gigan gets to the middle ofa plank and fights two at a time, until one is knocked out, and the other yields when he fails to hit.

After Jerrit knocked out the T’skrang, we decide to move the party to the nearby village for dinner, healing, and completion of the Barter. Daggerfish unloads 15 drams of cargo. Chef cooks a mean fish. Jerrit decorates his War Cleaver with a daggerfish. He tells Jerrit that he would be honored to join any crew of an air ship that Jerrit is command of. Jerrit wins the 2nd best plume from his hat, firey red. Fire Ostrich of the Creanna jungle (50 silver, very basic pattern just created it’s pattern). Kaylee also sees the hat is a Pattern item for the ship, which Capt Tuftsonhead has woven into.

The ships part friendly rivals.

LOOT: Cut of cargo
300 silver

Arrive in Daiche. There’s another ship leaving in 7 days towards K’tenshin. Kratas is a day inland. Quentin checks out the Air Warden for air ships.

We go shopping for a Last Chance Salve. We’re directed to The Emporium. It has a collection of trinkets and bones hanging from everything. There’s a plume of red smoke and a kettle whistle. The Emporium of Zip’phee the Wonderous, Nethermancer. 2 for 1 specials. Not an illusionist.

Inside lots of body parts and scrolls stewn about. Albino T’skrang cackling. Buy last chance salves. Looks at Gigan strangely. Can train Ghost Master Ritual. Hearing more about Asylum lately, from Captains and Troll Archer. She’s heard of Gigan’s issues at the K’tenshin Academy.

She takes a look at Gigans shield, runes are Nethermantic, Gigan shares it’s Name. Honarfar, she recognizes the name. Honarfar was T’skrang before the Scourge, riverboat crew, Nethermancer and Beastmaster. Shell is Tiger Tortise in Liaj jungle, he had one as a pet starting out as Beastmaster. Pet died, so turned shell into shield, and would summon spirit back sometimes.

Looking at Shadow Cloak, she’s stunned. The One Who Lies is a Questor to Mad Vestral. Trickster’s Cloak, the mantle Vestral wore before fall. Story about Vestral tainting by Horrors, theory that Vestral became paranoid and insane. She recoils at sight of the Book of Scales pages. The pages find each other, and she brings out a page. Great Library in Throal or Eternal Library in Thera could have more pages. Theorizing and discussion about Exiled Lords and Asylum.

Read her the Rhyme of Asylum. It’s a ritual, possibly a Key Knowledge or Deed, need to find Pattern Item. Blood Magic involved with thread weaving (4 threads?). Conditions to break ritual make ritual stronger.

WILD THEORY: Exiled lords hid a dragon, did a blood magic ritual to hide them. Including from other dragons. Troll and Falseman has active magics or pattern item from Wizard master to keep him out of Asylum.

Gives us 12 Kelix’s Poultices (preventative vs poison), and 2 Last Chance Salves for free.

Jerrit mentions Horror Maraduce. She offers to do research, and send ally spirits in the night with information.

Legend: 4021
Jerrit Bonus: 350

Message from Omasu

Soon after the end of the group’s most recent bout of training and research, a message arrives for Ibon from Omasu, his Rock Brother in Travar and owner of the Overland Trading Company.

(Date to be determined as soon as the PCs figure out how much down time they want to have)

Session 5
Chapter 4.5

Session 5 (Chapter 4.5 -DarthGM)

Charassa 26 Continuing inside Alengstro Kaer

Heading into the “freezer” area, the groud begins to be covered in snow, and later it starts to snow (indoors). There are random gusts of wind.

The cavern opens up to a massive room, with a large lake with a fortress in the center island, with walkways from the mainland. This is likely a place for Adepts to be trained.

As we enter, some more Ice infused Cadaver Men rise and approach us. We head for the bridge, with Garika using her new Flame Arrow to cover our approach. Magda inspects the bridges for traps, declaring them clear. Kaylee and Garika make it to the bridge, and rain fire upon the Cadaver men. Gigan, Jerrit, and Ibon create a wall in front of the bridge to block their approach. Magda sets up a rope to assist people over a slippery area on the bridge.

As Magda, Kaylee, and Quentin arrive at the island, they see a few Ice Men arriving from the other bridge. Ibon is nearly killed by a frenzied Cadaverman, but Gigan gets him a Healing Potion before it’s too late.

Kaylee casts Detect Elementalism, sensing 7 powers inside the building. There’s a viewing area at the top, with a large powerful source there. Also 2 corrupt sources nearby, moving around near the first. 3 down in a basement, and 1 just inside the door.

Entering the building theres a booming voice. “Welcome to Alengstro Kaer. Best population was 956, breeched by horror in 1365, Living population: 0 when opened in 1433.” A well dressed Troll, with ice for weapons, and eye. Goranog of Uropa, slew the last warder of Alengstro. Master of Five rewarded him. Goranog implies that if we do not start combat with his soon, the Master will arrive soon. We engage.

As we close on Goranog, an icy windling archer flies in and attacks. Then a female dwarven warrior arrives. Goranog throws an icy hawk hatchet that hits Gigan, Ibon, Jerrit, and Quentin, it returns to him, and an icy broadsword appears instead. Other friend was first experiment, didn’t work out so well… then there’s Alisan… He decided to work with the Master. There is a rainbow aura that comes out of his head, flows to his sword, and he attacks again with it… which Quentin Ripostes neatly. A T’sktrang Nethermancer enters the room, casting at Ibon. Ibon moves to engange, getting knocked out by a Spirit Grip. The Nethermancer tries to follow up, but fails to kill Ibon. Kaylee gets another Healing Potion to Ibon to get him up, and then burns the T’skrang down. Quentin and Gigan chase Goranog around the room. Gigans axe goes flying. Kaylee gets a final Fire blast, his sword returns to normal and drops to the ground. He

Troll Sword is post-scourge Thread Blade, made in Urupa, very valuable and ornate.
Hawk hatchet is Thread
Troll sized Living Crystal Armor under clothes, not thread.
260 silver in assorted money and valuables.
A Grimiore for each magician, with all Spells up to Circle 4.
3400 in silver and gold pre-Scourge coinage.
800 silver in rare metals
1000 from the jade tablets and fire quarts

Basement seems to be the primary training area. Ritual Circle. Burnt body with lots of magic performed upon it. Pages and scratchings on the wall. It includes talking about the One Who Lies and the Horror’s name, Quinalcus – The Horror of Five, the Horror of One. Though since this was told by the One Who Lies, is this true? Kaylee has heard the name Quinalcus before, a manipulator, mastermind, not direct, not considered very powerful. Inspecting the circle, there are 5 points, but 2 points are out. They may be linked to the gems. We head upstairs and find grimoirs, including a Elemental book with Dispel Elementalism. Kaylee “quickly” learns Dispel. We decide to rest for the night.

Charassa 27

We return to the circle, and prepare to Dispel the points of the Circle. Kaylee is nervous, and takes a while to weave the Threads of the Spell. She dispells the Air, there is thunder above, and footsteps on the stairs, lightning flashes, rumbling gets louder. She dispells Water, fails. Ibon tries Abate Curse, but it does not take. She sucessfully casts Dispel Water and the thunder fades. Kaylee can’t sense them anymore. Turning to the last point, Fire, Kaylee Dispells it handily.

Heading into the final chamber, it’s the administrative chamber, with a large crypt that’s been broken into and looted. All the buildings have been burned. Lots of burnt corpses. Blacksmiths shop has another inert quartz. Hanging on a hook in the crypt is a black cloak, seems to absorb light, could sell for 1000 silver easily. Has a deep and complex pattern.

Return to Korshano and report in, warning others to stay away for Al’engstro. He tells us about a Troubador told him to give a gift to somone of great import. He brings out an Orichalcum coin. Gifts it to us, telling us not to spend it, as it’s more valuable than coin. Called himself the Traveller, human.

4442 Legend

Ibon does a full week of Item History (rank 5) attempts
Quentins Dagger 15 6 ranks, max threads 2, 1 deed @ 6th, Initiate rank cost, key knowledge up to 5th
Hawk hatchet 4 100 silver for Willanos. 7 Ranks, 2 threads, Deed @ 5, Key Knowledge at 1 Name, 3 where True Air and True Water came from.
Troll Sword 5
Floranus Amulet 22 4 Thread Ranks
Jerrit Axe 13
Dark Cloak 6; 100 silver for Willanos
Gigan Shield 12

Finnegas's Mad Ravings

We didn’t know. We should have known. But we didn’t know. Lies. Lies lies lies lies lies. Secrets and lies. How do you tell a lie when it comes from He Who Lies? Lies saying he was a wizard. Lies saying Wyvern were here. Lies saying it was safe. More lies than mouths can speak, I think? How were we to know? We were to be heroes, instead we were to be bait. Alisan, the one who betrays. Can I blame him? Am I lying if I say “no”? The Horror, the one the One Who Lies was interested in, he touched Alisan. Spoke to him. He now speaks to me. He doesn’t lie, not like the lies of the Lying One Who Lies. He speaks truth. Is the truth a lie? The Horror tolds me of the poor fools who were here. He tells me of the experiments he did. He tells me of the elements he took, and how he wove them to the fools in A’Lengstro. He told me he saw one Namegiver who was all elements. The horror wants that Namegiver to tell him how he did it, how he made all the elements a part of him. The Orichalcum Man, the Horror calls him. A clever man, this Oricalcum Man. That’s what the horror said. Clever Namegiver, finding a way to bind the elements to himself. The horror, he wants to be him. No, that’s a lie. He wants to undo him! The horror senses power form him. Skin of Wood. Stone in his bones. Air in his breath. Water in his veins. And Fire, everywhere File. His heart, his mind, his spirit. All of fire. And the horror is afraid. Afraid! Of the Orichalcum Man! So he’s going to study him. He’s going to study the process. He’s going to make me an Orichalum Man! And Alisan’s going to help. Alisain says he can help me. Alisain, the one who betrays. The one who accepted the One Who Lies. The one who led us to this. He’s going to help me.

Passions forgive me, but I’ll kill that cowardly windling before I die. He gave up, and now I’m going to die because of it.

The One Who Lies was just here. He told me he’s sorry about using us as bait. He says he had to know more about the Horror. He’s lying. He’s not sorry. He’s the One Who Lies! How can he be sorry? He said this was part of a plan, a long-term plan that will take time to come to fruition. Lies? Lies lies lies lies lies! I know. I know! He’s not sorry! That’s his lie! But lies and secrets, secrets and lies. He told me a lie, and now he tells me a secret. The secret is the Name of the Horror. The Horror of Five, and the Horror of One. Five eyes that see, one for every element. Quinalcus. His Name is Quinalcus. Is that a lie? Is his name The Horror of Five? Is his name Varulus the Third? Icewing? Kypros? Alisan? Finnegas?

I’m going to die, and all this will mean nothing.

Session 4
Alengstro Kaer

Charassa 25 Entering the Alengstro Kaer

After 2 days of travel through the forest, we find an stoic archway. The doors have been knocked over and overgrown, opened from within and off hinges. Remanats of Kaer ward on the door would’ve damaged anyone trying to get in, nothing against getting out.

Inside is totally dark. After lights are sparked, Magda moves into the hall through the shadows. Looking for traps, she finds 2 jade tablets in the corner, surrouned by 4 globes. One of the globes spots her and hits her with fire twice, knocking her down. She jumps up, sprints to the tables (avoiding the other orbs shooting at her), and disarms 2 of the orbs. The group moves up the hall to assist. The orbs start putting out a circle of flame around them. Kaylee starts throwing Ice Mace & Chains at the orbs. Jerrit takes a swing, breaking it and it esplodes. Magda makes it to the second tablet and disarms the last trap.

Loot: Jade may be extracted, crystal pots not worth much.

Magda sneaks her way down the next hallway, around a corner, to a circular room with 4 pillars that branches into 3 more halls. The pillars have many holes in them. The walls have knotworks with squares that recede out of sight.

As we examine the room, a trap goes off from the ceiling behind us, blowing a gust of wind, pushing us all into the room. Doors rise up to close us in. From the pillars, another gust of wind goes off, creating a cyclone, and the wall has many tubes spring forth, creating music and noise. The wind beginst pushing us torwards the spikes.

Magda figures that opening a door is the fastest way to disarm the trap. Jerrit heads for a door and kicks it, ending up anchored next to a spike. People are blow about by the wind, but no damage. Ibon heads for a door, uses Abate Curse on it, it slides down with a gust of wind. Quentin grabs Kaylee to get her some control. Magda disarms the Abated door, permanently removing it from play. Magda disarms the nearby wall spikes. Ibon moves to the nearby pillar, Abate Cursing it to turn off that air jet. We all make it safely out the door.

The next room is a rough cavern with 3 exits. The ceiling has an illusion of daylight, a blight like sun, harsh and unforgiving. Kaylee senses for Magic, finding none, but the Astral is Tainted. Seems to be the main living area of the Kaer. Several wells, fountain in the South. Some of the houses have planks removed, not broken. We hear shuffling, various Namegivers start shambling towards us. They have the wooden planks embedded or replacing body parts, via corrupt Elemental magic. Kaylee senses a large source of magic in the nearby large building (Questors Shrine) with a belltower. We head for that.

Kaylee and Jerrit make it to the top of the belltower, finding a large crystal covered in runes, set in a brass facet holder socket, pulsing with unnerving energy. Kaylee Detects that the runes are Horror Script (like the script in the Book of Scales). Massively corrupt Wood Magic. If we can deactivate the crystal, something bad will happen to the animated bodies. Quentin laughs at the oncoming enemy. Jerrit jumps down, grabs Magda, jumps back up to the crystal, and Battle Bellows. Magda scopes out the cystal. Garika keeps shooting at the oncoming horde. Gigan runs up and attacks one, it frenzies, hitting him 4 times. The bodies begin to swarm around Gigan. Ibon and Quentin move to assist Gigan. Jerrit jumps down and moves Garika to a safer location. Magda finds the mechanism to disarm, but sets something off, the Gem pulses giving her arthritis, and improving her armor… Kaylee sees that Magda’s skin is looking a little like bark. The warriors on the ground form a wall in the street, preventing the Horror constructs from gaining access to the Shrine. Jerrit flurries on a fresh woodman, killing it with a boot to the head.

As thirteen of the Cadavermen start surrounding the party, Magda Disarms the crystal. A pulse of energy goes off, and the Cadavermen fall over. The crystal changes color, quartz color with smokey black core. Kaylee confirms that it has no more Elemental magic, but Magda still has wood magic about her. Inside the temple, most of the statues of Questors have been destroyed, one still stands, Vestral. This statue seems to have cracks in it, once destroyed, but put back together. We destroy the statue.

Looting: 180 silver, 130 silver, 30 silver, 10 silver (350 total)

Seems a riot or fight was here a long time ago. No cobwebs. Some mumified corpses lie around as well. We burn the bodies, wooden and normal together. Still not enough bodies to fill the living quarters.

Looks like the exit to the West had a cave in. The area has a cold draft, Kaylee may be able to fit through.

We head North, hearing the sounds of a river. We enter the farming chamber. Ceiling is again a blighted daylight. A watchtower to the North has lots of Elemental energy pouring from base to the top. Several humanoid lump stands up in the field. Not Elementals, they’re Namegivers with Earth bound to them. There’s another gem at the top, being held by a hand of stone from the tower.

Again, Kaylee and Magda head up to the top of the tower. Garika fires at range. Kaylee figures out that the hand needs to be dispelled before the trap can be accessed. Ibon heads for the stairs. Jerrit moves to block the stairs as the Earthmen come around the corner. Quentin and Gigan block the alleyway. Ibon reaches the top, cancelling the hand, which opens, allowing Magda to disarm it immediately. The crystal shatters and the tower begins to shake. The Earthmen fall over. The tower sheds the stone coating, shrapnel hitting. Ibon carefully makes his way down the wooden stairs, creaking all the way.

Loot: 80 silver, 40 silver, 80 silver (200 total) Winternight cloak (+2 Armor vs Cold)

There’s another cold draft to the West. No other bodies, corpses, or livestock (despite room for them).

Legend Points: 4056

Session 3

Garika: 13 days – makes her own Elven Warbow.
Ibon: 13 days – improves Jerrit, Magda, and Gigan’s weapons. 3 Item history on Dagger and Axe all fail.
Quentin: Hangs at the docks, hears about Broken Halbard, and gets 1 job for Crowcheck Lancers.

Charassa 16

Head Northwest towards Kaer. Spring is turning to Summer. End of the day, we’re in the foothills of the Tylon Mountains, walking along a pass. Some of us notice the earth shaking, from underground. And a Rockworm emerges from the ground beside us. Garika points out what it is to the rest of us, while shooting it. It goes back underground, and when it returns, a hidden Magda surprise strikes it unconcious. No sooner does it settle down, a second one attacks. Kaylee and Gigan make short work of it. Just in time for number 3! This one doesn’t die as quickly, and burrows to the backline to attack Garika. Magda runs to backstab it, and then Kaylee burns it down.

Loot: harvest gems and crystals – 160, 190, and 220 silver (and LP) worth.

Garika notes that they are fiercely territorial, and often around sources of Elemental Earth and Oricalcum. Ibon notes the location on his map for future prospecting. Jerrit heals some.

Ibon dreams (which is weird) – much more abstract, flashing images of pain and insane views, horrific things, feel like I’m ripping my own scales out. Whispers in strange languages. Book coming together, must keep writing, if you stop, Verjigorm will take you.

Upon awaking, the scales have joined together on their own. Ibon shares with the party, and hands off the scales to Magda, does not want it back.

Day 2: stay in hostel for 10 silver total.

Day 3: is rain. We camp for dinner. We hear someone moving in trees to the South sneaking badly. Some hear another sneaking to the North, and another upon the ridge. Jerrit and Garika take the ridge.

3 Ogres emerge from the woods, with their MIGHTY MAGIC WEAPONS!!! Quentin, Ibon, and Kaylee go South. Magda and Gigan go North. Jerrit and Garika cover the ridge. After killing the one on the ridge, Jerrit Great Leaps down onto the Norther Ogre, killing it.

Loot: 100 silver coins, large smelly leather armor.

Storm worsens, and the thunder sounds odd. Thunder is actually Fire Cannons going off. We see a few flashes in the sky off to the Northwest. Approx 4 cannons, unknown number of ships.

Day 4: See smoke coming from wreckage to North, off planned route. We pass foodstuff barrels, sail cloth. 3 miles later, find smashed ruins of Air Ship, long trench of it’s landing. Bodies of crew lie everywhere. Mostly human, some orc and dwarf. Some bodies have sword stab wounds. Tracks of looters, who also killed survivors. Cargo ferry ship, fire cannon mounts without cannons. Named Radiance of Jerris. Runs from Jerris to Bartertown. Hear weak cough from inside the ship. Find human nearly bisected by deck. He mentions Black Wing Pirates in a black corvette. Kept firing as they fell out of the sky. Not Raiders, not enough trolls. They took almost everything of value, saved a gem pendant in his mouth, Floranus talisman with measuring notches on back. Named Hanton Crish, has wife in Bartertown, named Belia. Bring her necklace. We place the bodies into the ship, and set it on fire.

We know Black Wing Pirates were a failed attempt, around Iopos.

Get passage on a ferry for 10 silver each. And reach the edge of the Glenwood Deep forest. Following road, we find a village. Something was brought down and draged into the nearby bushes. Find the torn remains of a body, a broken sword, and a sachel with silver and gold. Giant hooked claw marks, Griffon or Molgrim? Can’t find the tracks.

Loot: 435 silver, 13 gold

Enter village of Korizor. Elvish architecture. They notice us and begin gathering and getting excited. Elder elf arrives, Korshano. We hand them the pouch and explain finding the body. About a month of Molgrim attacks. Another moved into the area, and they’re competing. Last week a female arrived, making it worse. Feeding off any animal or Namegiver they find. Lesoth was to take money and hire help. Korshano knew of Cinderwood, and is willing to share information to increase the payment. They know 2 lairs, 1 East by small river hunts during the day; female in ruins of farmhouse, 1 is somewhere to the North.

Farmhouse Female: Jerrit makes a lot of noise to call out the Molgrim. She obliges by jumping on Jerrit and clawing him badly. The Molgrim bounces around the filed, attacking us. As it begins to retreat, Ibon stays on top of it, hitting it once. Quentin runs up and drops it. Barn is full of gore. House has been broken into. We bring heirloom to return to town.

River Lair: We find the cave the Molgrim sleeps in, and array ourselves expecting to come from the Northwest. It comes from the Southwest. Seeing Ibon, it jumps to attack him, roaring. Jerrit comes out of hiding, roars, and attacks the Molgrim. The rest of the party jumps out to attack, while Kaylee prepares Stick Together. The other male Molgrim arrives and bellows a challenge, and attacks the injured Molgrim. They fight mid-jump while the party recovers. Garika drops the wounded one. Gigan and Quentin kill the second one.

Return to town. Have celebration dinner. Awarded 500 silver.

Talk with Korshano about Cinderwood. Looking for Alengstro Kaer several years ago. Full of confidence. Location mentioned in the local Kaer maps. Had 3 companions, loud Troll swordsman, elf friendly with ladies (presumably Finnegas and Goranog), dwarf or short human Nethermancer? Didn’t want to be around him. Few could remember him afterwards (Illusionist?). Scouting party went to Alengstro, found door broken in. Cinderwood was looking for wyverns for a cloak Trolls kin. Did not see them again. About a days travel from village. Have not seen wyverns lately. Built to hold several thousand. Seems honestly concerned about us and Cinderwood. Wants us to return or send word of our success.

Session 2: The Sum of Its Parts

15 Days of Downtime

Ibon uses Forge Weapon 3 times, Improving the weapons of Ibon and Quentin.
Ibon fails to use Item History on the Scale.

T’skrang ships stop by every 3 or so days. One major vessel from House Ketenshin.

Turathalas Shien – Blood Elf Warrior, trained Gigan.
Fishbay the Blue – Taught Quentin Swordmaster on board ship.
“Cogsworth” – Human Thief/spy taught Magda.
Borvelus Toc – Elementalist Enchanter willing to train Kaylee, spells for additional cost.
Willanos – setting up temp shop in barn just outside town, teaching Ibon there.
Urath Skyshredder – Troll Sky Raider taught Jerrit. Lost some people in wyvern attack to the West.

(Note: can pre-Train for circles with down time, then truly circle up when LPs allow)

Researching cartography and Janos’ Journal, we can figure out his path back to the Scale. Need a local with wilderness survival skills. Falks is busy, but knows a girl who could help, member of the Guard, Garika, Elf Archer. Discuss Scale, we bring it with us.

Veltrom 22

1 day of travel.

We find 2 ravaged corpses, which becomes 4… some horses and Orc bodies. A few places around the bodies are odd footprints, one catlike, one birdlike. Magda realizes they are the same creature. Garika recalls that Griffons like horses, and will attack people if provoked. 3 or 4 Griffons did this attack. Magda recoils from an arrow shot by a mounted Orc. 3 more Mounted orcs round the corner and charge.

Trying to talk to the Orcs proves ineffective. One is killed, the captain and another are knocked out, and the archer rides away.

Loot: 160 silver, 2 Maces, 1 Mace is Forged once. Riders Shield Forged once (4/0) (to Jerrit).

Healing takes place.

Orcs wake up, angry. Frothing and raving occurs. The horses seem to offer to take their bonded riders away, so we allow it.
Looking up, we see circling large flying things… likely Griffons.

Heading up the mountain, we find our way to the campsite where Adris fell. Looking down we see a dwarven corpse about 60 feet fall, and 3 weeks dead. Kaylee flies down to investigate. Evidence of a mountain cat, but also Griffon tracks as well.

Loot: Satchel bag with ruined journal, 3 days of rations, 30 gold, 1 Air coin (value 1,000 silver).

Dusk falls, Garika finds a cave for us to rest in safely, fire is made for Kaylee to cook with.

Veltrom 23

2 Griffons swoop attack. Jerrit knocks down one, and others kill it. Garika Animal Bonds the other one away.
Loot: 150 silver worth of Griffon feathers (LPs).

(Climbing is Broken) Untrained: Move 1 square for each success level.
Kaylee flies up, Garika climbs up with a rope, and attaches it for others to climb.

Garika fails to Bond with the Griffon, and gets horribly mauled until Magda saves her. When Kaylee draws the other Griffon down to Ibon.

Loot: 220 silver and 240 silver of Griffon feathers (LPs). Garika drinks a Booster Potion to heal.

Heading inside a cave we find and kill 2 Griffons.

Loot: 90 silver feathers, and 330 silver (LPs).

Brief theory: Scales may drive animals crazy, but affected the Beastmaster through his bond?

We find a nest with several young Griffons, and then get jumped by another Griffon and a Bull Griffon. After they’re dead, an egg hatches, and a baby looks around at us. We look around for the Scale, finding it in a pile of refuse. Garika starts bonding with the hatchling.

Loot: Several saddle bags. 500 silver worth of gems. Desperate Blow charm. More Griffon Bits.
Scale is written like book, left to right in lines.

Head back to campsite cave. Healing happens. Attempting to read scale.

Veltrom 25

Garika keeps feeding the baby Griffon.

Heading down the mountain we run into a group of Orcs waiting for us, with the Archer we saw before. A chieftain and Nethermancer.

Faspar Crowcheck of the Crowchek Lancers. Not Scorchers… Cavalry. Father of the slain Orc demands restitution, and charges Quentin, Kaylee enters the battle. Ibon walks into the battlefield, but the Orcs do not react. Ibon is invited to move closer, and begins talking and Haggling with the Orcs about hiring their Cavalry for Asylum and/or Overland Trading Group guards.

Groseth chose poorly, Vaspar wants to pay ransom for his life, for 3 Fire coins (value 1,000 silver each).
Ibon drops the name of Dweomersmith Emporium, for more business, and further talk about Security in the future.

Return to Willanos’s forge, where he’s talking to a woman and looking grim. Human woman is a Troubadour, Named U’laj. Has story to tell us about the Scales.

The Book of Scales made from Scales of Dragon. Verjigorm, hunter of Dragons, did a great deed, captured a Dragon (name forgotten), until it was driven insane, then bound it, tore out it’s scales and claws, blood for ink, the Dragon wrote the history of the Horrors. In time that Scourge ended, and Horrors fled. The dragon’s last act was to scatter them across the realms to protect people from them. Perverted rite of Naming? 1504 a Windling Uloox (not an Adept) from Kratas went in search of Scales, came back changed, now raging around town. Gone mad? Killed 6 children. Voices in his head to kill children to finish book. Book may have clues to defeat adversaries.

Reassembled in full, it could give insight to not only Verjigorm and his allies, but into all Horrors. The great library may have the ability to safely care for the book. The Book wants to be completed and restored.

Mentioning Troll and Bastion, she’s heard of Galvir Kohron Dwarf, legend of Exiled Lords – 4 magicians for massive power, beyond max circle. Before this scourge, mastered death, found ways to avoid it. None know their goals, great dragons may consider them equals. Survived Sourge outside a Kaer.

  • Galvir Kohron Dwarven Wizard. Knowledge allows him to avoid death.
  • Dekran Seive Elven Illusionist. Cast an Illusion so that no one believes he can die.
  • Fergus Dirge Human of Landis Nethermancer. Fights Death 1/year to avoid death. Tools to protect him from death, 1st Obsidiman skin armor.
  • M’ganon Orc Elementalist, leader of the group. Bound enough elements to his True Form and Pattern to escape death.

Each has a companion, minions. Troll may be companion of Kohron.

Debate theories about magic levels, and conspiracy theories about the Exiled Lords machinations and goals with the Book of Scales. U’laj is hired to do more research for us.


Week 1: Ibon uses Item History on several things at once. Book of Scales, Journal of Alisan Cinderwood, Astra’s Right Hand, Jerrit’s Crystal Battle-Axe, and Gigan’s Turtleshell Shield. He succeeded on the Journal and Shield.

Session 1: A Matter of Scale

Editing in progress! -QT

Veltrom 4, 1509 TH

We open our scene at Travelers’ Rest. Once a small hamlet before the Scourge, it’s now a small ruin or two and some trees, used as a safe overnight stopping point for travelers on their way to or from Asylum. The weather is an annoying drizzle. Two groups are around their campfires; one consists of a troll (with a sword, shield, and across his back a fearsome and beautiful crystal battleaxe), a t’skrang (with a large runed turtleshell shield and an axe, and having two head-crests), and a human (with a sword, large parrying dagger, and obviously a swordmaster) and the other consisting of an obsidiman (with a door-sized shield and spiked mace), a young dwarf woman, (with a sword and buckler), and an older dwarf managing a wagon pulled by a pair of dires.

The older dwarf, Willanos, plies his trade at the group of warriors (and there are introductions all around), until he points out the T’skrang’s two head fins.

Interrupting the awkward moment, there are flashes of light off to the North. The warriors get up and move to investigate. A distraught Windling comes flying into view, closely followed by three air and three fire elementals. The warriors move into engage, and the Windling moves behind the Troll for cover. Two of the air elementals are crushed by the troll in short order. The fire elementals throw fire at the windling, now hiding behind the Obsidiman, missing wildly. The Obsidiman then moves up and drops the third air elemental. The warriors split off to engage the fire elementals (Human, Dwarf, Obsidiman; Troll; T’skrang) with Windling firing Earth Darts regularly.

Once the excitement concludes, the Windlingcollapses into unconsciousness. It appears she has a journal (larger than a Windling would normally carry), and has obviously been on the move for many hours, if not a full day. Willanos brings her into the covered wagon, and the journal is left unread for now. Willanos hires on the three warriors as caravan guards until Asylum.

(comment – left off here)

Veltrom 5, 1509 TH

Leave Travelers’ Rest, heading down towards Asylum. See some Gryphons flying in the distance.

Late afternoon, the Windling wakes up in the wagon. Introductions…. Kaylee mentions the name Alisan Cinderwood, a Windling Elementalist Adventurer, has made entries into the Grand Library. He sent the Elementals after her because of the journal, and tried to get her Horror Tainted by Raw Casting. We stop and let her tattoo one of Willanos’s dyres to confirm her lack of taint. Opening his journal, she goes to the last entry: Finnegas and Goranog (who were traveling with Alisan) found lair of Wyvern, possibly a Horror… When Alisan lead her to the Kaer, Kaylee looked into the Astral and saw something with 5 eyes (something Named, Bloatform?). Discussion of what to do with information. We should investigate the original Kaer, find Alisan’s companions, and weave threads into the Major Pattern Item, Alisan’s Journal.

Arrival in Asylum

Village feels lively and happy. Singing nursery rhyme of Blue Dragon.

Entering the Blue Dragon Flagon, we see many patrons, and Ibon deals with the barmaid for lodgings everyone. In the back, there is a dwarf patron in an argument with a barmaid over the bill. When the barmaid moves to take something from him, the dwarf suddenly grows claws and attacks her, dropping her.

Round 1: Quinten jumps to attack the Dwarf. Magda heads to block the window near the dwarfs dogs. Dwarf whistles for his hounds, and claws Quinten. Gigan engages the Dwarf and misses. Ibon blocks the dogs passage through the back door. Jerrit hits the Dwarf. Dogs try to get through door, Ibon knocks Dog 1 down. Kaylee weaves Earth Darts
Round 2: Magda engages dwarf. Dwarf claws Magda. Quinten inspects Barmaid and stabilizes her. Gigan hits Dwarf. Kaylee hits Dwarf with Earth Darts. Jerrit Shouts, hits, and drops him. Dog 1 hit Ibon, Dog 2 comes in other window. Ibon missed dog.
Round 3: Jerrit drops dog. Dog 2 misses Magda. Quinten hits dog. Magda misses Dog. Gigan misses dog. Kaylee weaves and fails Astral Sight. Ibon hits Dog, dropping him. Dwarf recovers.
Round 4: Jerrit gives the dwarf the chance to surrender, then knocks him out.

The cook arrives, the child is sent for the House of Garlen, and the Watchguard are called for. Kaylee looks into the Astral, seeing him holding a scale with a spiral etching in a magical language, Pattern is VERY complex. Dragon scale of Green color, with etched writing. Ibon speaks to the Minstrel by the fireplace, apparently not an Adept. Learns the nursery rhyme of the Blue Dragon. Guards take dwarf to prison. Guards explain laws of ownership, go to victim, then to rescuers. Dwarf’s Name is Janos Taered. Watchguard Falks is in charge.

Crossing paths with Willanos, he’s dealt with the orc in charge of the Tooth and Nail, and has formed a Forge. Orc deals with Axes and other Blacksmith, Willanos will not compete on those items.

Veltrom 6, 1509 TH

Awoken by guardsman knocking on the door. Blood Elves broke in and stole the scale, and killing a guard. Heading to the Assembly Hall, we meet Watch Commander Vigsnith. Falks offers us job on the Blood Elves. Discussion of where the Blood Elves went, and how to proceed. Magda investigates the crime site: locks picked by magic, quick & good, in through window in locker room, got drop on guard, one stunned by Illusion, one knifed in throat, and took scale and guard tabards to walk out front door. Talking to ferrymen turns up nothing. The barmaid gave up her right to the dwarfs property, so it goes to us. Turns up his Journal, a magic bag of money, potions, and a set of placards (Wizard spellbook). We get Falks as a tracker to guide us after the Elves.

Tracks lead us to some woods outside of town, we find the two guards tabards, and continue following. We see the glint of light off armor. Magda sneaks up to see. There is a Troll leaning on a great bow next to a statue of a warrior, and a fire pit with benches (pilgrimage site?). Lots of anorexic soldiers in the clearing, standing in ranks. One Elf (not Blood Elves) hands over scale to the Troll, “Hell of a time finding this place.” They start discussing the location of the second scale. Magda starts sneaking to take the scale from behind the Troll. Troll kills the Elf Thief, with a poisoned Hawk Hatchet. Meeting is at Kratas, in the tavern called the Broken Halberd. Elves are Arsallas & Krosper (dead). Troll has bosses. Statue (Bastion) turns to look at Troll, “We should take the town by force.” Something keeping them out of town. They notice the scale is missing, blaming the Elves. Koron (boss?) is waiting. They leave for Kratas.

Journal mentions Straw Men (a type of False Men), made in Parlainth, corrupted by Horrors.

Falks goes to retrieve Krosper’s body. We set up an ambush for Arsallas. He appears to see our tracks on the road, and grabs his amulet to summon 4 Straw Men. Our group closes. The Straw Men attack, doing little damage.
Arsallas casts Ephemeral Bolts around, knocking out Quinten.
Jerrit hits a False Man, which disperses into nothing… and repeats the process on all 4 of them. Arsallas is brought down by Jerrit also, and then punched in the head for good measure by a recovered Quinten.

We meet up with Falks and bring our bounty back to Asylum for our reward, and new property.

The Journal of Janos Taered

Veltom 5, 1509TH

A log book was found by the heroes, chronicling the past of the insane beastmaster.

Janos Taered’s Journal


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