Earthdawn: The Exiled Lords

Rules and Regulations
or "How to help your GM and earn a ton of Legend Points and Cash in the process"

In the Earthdawn world, your Legend is not only a troubadour’s tale waiting to happen, it’s a record of your accomplishments, an inspiration to others, and a way of strenghtening the magic of your True Pattern in the world. The more people know about your exploits, the more Legendary you become, and the more powerful your magic is.

The Great Library of Throal invites heroes from across Barsaive to continually share their exploits with their librarians so their stories can spread and the people can be inspired. Adventurers are paid for their literary efforts based on their fame and their legend grows because the denizens of Barsaive are able to read the journals and spread tales of their exploits.

I will be using the standard rules for Group Adventuring Logs (ED3PG, p 245), meaning when your group is in Throal, you can head to the Great Library of Throal and turn in your Journal for an award of silver pieces (and Legend Points). The amount is based on the Average Legend Points your group has accumulated since you last sold your Journal to the Library.

Of course, to do this you need to have a journal to put into the Library.

Anyone who makes a Journal Entry on this website will earn Legend Points for the efforts. The guidelines for the rewards are as follows:

Action Post Location Legend Point Award
Synopsis of Last Session Adventure Log Author: Current Circle x 100
Party Members: Current Circle x 75
Supplemental Notes and Comments to the Synopsis* Adventure Log Author: Current Circle x 25
Private Journal Entry Forums Author: Current Circle x 50
  • The GM is the final arbiter as to what is considered a meaningful addition to the main synposis. A few sentences detailing a character or location mentioned in the synopsis is valid. A paragraph about a theory the party discussed in play concerning the Plotline is valid. A comment “D00d, that was awesome” is not. Feel free to post it, just don’t expect awards for it.

The LP awards received for posting something to the Obsidian Portal page are immediate and can be used as soon as they are awarded. To see how much your journal is worth at any given time, refer to the Current Journal Award page to see the current totals, as well as the date and amount of your last award. The LPs and silver awarded for turning your journal into the Great Library of Throal are only earned in play, when you’re actually in the kingdom to do it.


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