Tag: Human


  • Justinian Tybalt

    Non-Adept Merchant specializing in shipping of True Elements and other small but valuable items. Business partner with [[:leodas-dolan | Leodas Dolan]].

  • Leodas Dolan

    Astral Corsair Crew Doughrugan: Dwarven male Air Sailor, could be Willanos’s cousin Irian: Human female Air Sailor, young, new, tough but impressionable Grunk: Ork male Sky Raider, dislikes the air sailors, but likes being in the air Walks: Human …

  • Tegis Falks

    Seemingly always on patrol around [[Asylum | Asylum]], usually with a snack or mug in his hand. Often argues with Commander [[:vigsnath | Vigsnath]] about minor matters.