Asylum is a village in the northern Tylon Mountains, on the Eastern bank of the Tylon River. Located near the beginning of the Tylon river, it’s proximity to the Serpent River makes it a good stopover point for caravans wishing to move cargo without sailing all the way around the Sevros Jungle and the Throal Mountains.

Founded several years after the end of the Scourge, Asylum offers refuge to weary travelers and welcomes Name-givers of all races and backgrounds. Due to it’s accepting nature and neutral stance, several meetings involving Barsaive’s leaders have occurred within the town. It also means that a lot of spies and agents of various organizations pass through Asylum.


In the year 1432 TH, three Kaers near the start of the Tylon Mountains dared to open their Kaer doors and venture out into the world. These Kaers were the Ork and Human community of Kaer Underhill, the Windling Kaer of Flightspar, and the T’skrang Arapogai of Jiltan’sol. The land in the Tylon Valley would be fertile if the corruption of the Scourge could be cleansed from the land. With the help of an Elementalist Named Yarneth Olds, a Questor of Jaspree Named Pakker Vigsnath, and a Nethermancer Named Jillora Karsanal, the refugees were able to claim the land and found a modest farming village. Since the prospects of living in a vibrant area after so many generations of living underground, the people Named their hamelt “Asylum”, and welcomed anyone to the village who would work their share and help it grow. Olds, Vigsnath, and Karsanal became the village’s founding council.

As time passed, it became apparent that Asylum was perfectly situated for trade and travel. The waters near Asylum are just deep enough to handle most t’skrang riverboats. If they were to travel any farther upstream, they risk scraping the bottom of the river and breaching their hulls. Many caravans would off-load at Asylum and continue to travel northwards to the northern reaches of Barsaive and the Serpent River.

Recent Events

Asylum is starting to see a population increase as it’s reputation begins to spread, and as hostilities between the T’skrang houses of K’Tenshin and V’Strimon intensify. Leaders of the town are concerned that the increase in population could lead to more raids by Hengeyoke pirates, Ork Scorchers, or even that he elves of the Blood Wood will grow hostile to their growing number of neighbors.

As an interesting note, children all over town can be heard singing a nursery rhyme about a Big Blue Dragon.

Noteable Locations

  • Blue Dragon Flagon: Largest inn and tavern in town, known for it’s seedy reputation and adventurous clientel
  • Tooth and Nail: Local Blacksmith’s shop, specializing in arms and armor but serving the town for all their blacksmithing needs. Owned and operated by an ork Named Nardak Axesmith, the Tooth and Nail offers a wide variety of axes (and currently is the only supplier of axes and hatchets of all makes within Asylum).
  • Hornsong: the other tavern in Asylum, frequented more by local villagers than the Flagon.
  • Tochak’s Scales: the local General Store, also the town’s weights and measures expert.
  • Flights of Fancy: An establishment for windlings where the smallest of Namegivers can eat and relax in a building built to their standards.
  • Assembly Hall: The largest building currently in town, this building has a hall that can seat just about everyone who currently calls Asylum home. Used more by the occaisional traveling stage show than by the Councilmen who govern Asylum. The Assembly Hall does have several official offices, from the town surveyor and the Watch Commander’s office on the first floor, jail cells in the basement, and the Councilman Offices on the second floor. The third floor has the town records since Asylum’s founding.
  • Dweomersmith Armory: Temporarily located in an old barn on the outskirts of town, Willanos’s shop is up and running. Willanos specializes in weapons of war and most metal armors. He also is willing to perform examinations on items to learn Key Knowledges, for a slightly increased cost over the average.


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