Dweomersmith Emporium

Veltrom 1509 – 150 Silver to set up shop. 150 Silver as down payment on Blood Pebble Armor for Ibon.

Charassa 1509 – Blood Pebble armor complete.

Overland Trading Company

Veltrom 1509 – Pending

Charassa 1509 – Located area 1 day Northwest of Asylum with Rockworm activity. This may be indicative of good mining locations nearby. Gems, minerals, Elemental Earth or Orichalcum all possible. Needs more investigation.

Crowchek Lancers

Veltrom 1509 – Met and sent their business to Dweomersmith Emporium. Future hiring as Cavalry for security (Asylum and/or Overland Trading Company) currently in discussion.

Charassa 1509 – Quentin found them a job escorting a caravan.

Captain Aldestract Tuft On Head

Rua 1509 – Makes a bargain with Ibon to provide discounted transport of goods to and from Asylum, with the promise of much business since True Earth has just been found.


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