This is a handy place to keep track of what plots we have encountered, have ongoing, and completed. For that eventual question of, “What do we do now?”

Open Plots

  • Book of Scales – 2 down, X to go. Keep them from the Exiled Lords? Keep them from Horrors!
  • Exiled Lords – 4 Powerful Magicians who have become effectively immortal. Possibly able to manipulate level of magic in world. Koron is sending the Troll Archer and Bastion after the Book of Scales for unknown purpose.
  • Black Wing Pirates – Avenge the destruction of the Radiance of Jerris and her crew.
  • Return to Bartertown – Hanton Crish, of the Radiance of Jerris, had a wife in Bartertown, named Belia. Bring her his necklace (Florannus / compass).

Concluded Plots

Nuthin yet.


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