Rules of the House


Exiled Lords is run in the 3rd Edition of Earthdawn, produced by RedBrick LLC


Players can choose to play any of the standard Name-giver races; Human, Dwarf, Elf, Troll, Ork, Windling, T’Skrang, or Obsidiman


Players may choose any of the standard Disciplines listed in the Player’s Guide. Disciplines from other sources are not allowed at campaign start.


Durability is a Bonus Talent that all Adepts receive upon reaching Second Circle. The Durability talent is subject to the same cost to increase and limits as all other Novice talents, but it does not count as a talent when determining pre-requisites for Circle Advancement.

Three Questions

All players will need to provide their answers to GM Chris’s Three Questions before campaign start. Yes, this means that if you don’t submit your answers to the Three Questions, you don’t play.

The answers to the Three Questions will be added to the player’s Character page on this website, available for review in a section of the Character page visible only by that player and the Game Master.

There is a special bonus question that players will need to answer concerning their Discipline and how their character views their path. This will help the GM with determining the side-effects of certain actions in play.

Group Patterns

In Earthdawn, groups of heroes are able to perform a ritual to create a Group Pattern, a way of increasing their Legend and capabilities when working as a team. In the Exiled Lords campaign, there will only by one Group Pattern allowed in the PC party. Since you need to have the Threadweaving Talent to participate in the Group Pattern Naming Ritual, and the non-Spellcasting Disciplines do not get that until Fourth Circle, the party will have some time to determine if they want to make a Group Pattern.

Player’s Guide Optional Rules

  • Bonuses and Penalties pg 14
  • Aligning Talents and Skills pg 240
  • Enduring Armor by Strength pg 254

Figured out in play

  • Facing: When an adjacent opponent moves, you may change your facing as a Free Action. (This prevents everyone from attacking from Blindside).
  • Weapon Reach: Certain weapons are long enough to attack further away than adjacent squares.
  • Pre-Train: May train for new Circles during down time, then gain full benefits of new Circle when you can afford the Legend Points.

Rules of the House

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