Team Treasury


Session 3 – Rockworms, ogres, and saving the town. Travel expenses.
Everyone gets a share of 146 silver.

Session 4 – Al’engstro Kaer entrance, Wood room, Earth Room.
Everyone gets a share of 68 silver.

Session 5 – Conclusion of Al’engstro Kaer. Travel home expenses.
Everyone gets a share of 557.5 silver

Session 6 – Sailing the Tylon river
Everyone gets a share of 96 silver

Session 7 – Kratas Keys of Death
Everyone gets a share of 1868 silver

Current Total Group Fund: 3,442 Silver

Potions and other unclaimed/undivided stuff will remain on here until it’s transferred to someone in particular, at which point it should go on the individual character sheet and be removed from here. This is only for group slush fund stuff, unclaimed items, and the like.


4 Last Chance Salves
12 Kelix’s Poultices (preventative vs poison)
6 Booster Potions (+8 to next Recovery)
5 Healing Potions (Heal Wound & +8 to next Recovery)
2 Keoghtan’s Ointments (???)
4 Salves of Closure
2 Disease Remedy Potions


1 Purse of Holding (What item is this, really? Buoyant Bag, PG p279? or Light Bag NGC p284?)
1 Desperate Blow charm (unclaimed)
1 Desperate Spell Charm
3 Light Quarts Crystals
4 Training Grimiores (1 for each Discipline) with all spells up to 4th Circle.
1 Wand Threaded and runed saying “Magical Might” (Kaylee)
1 Rider’s shield, Forged once (4/0) (Jerrit)
Thread Hawk Hatchet (Gigan)
Thread Troll Sword (Jerrit)
Troll sized Living Crystal Armor (Ibon)
Dark Cloak (Magda)

In Storage

1 Mace – Forged once (in Willanos’ to be sold) Worth 270 Silver
1 Spellbook – Wizard 1-3rd Circle Spells (held by Willanos). Former property of Adris Taered


See the Investments page for where some of our money has gone.

Money deductions (taken into account above already):
??? silver for Circle 2 Training for everyone.
150 silver to Ibon for down payment on Blood Pebble armor.
150 silver invested into Asylum.

Team Treasury

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