Who are the Exiled Lords? Are they bringers of hope, or harbingers of destruction?

The threads of Fate have brought together a group of Name-givers from across the lands of Barsaive. They are an odd and ecclectic group; powerful on their own but together they will leave their mark upon the world. They wanted to forge a great Legend that would endure the passage of time. As the saying goes, “Be careful what you wish for”.

It is the year 1509 in the Thoralic Calendar, and Fate is at it again…

Our heroes have come together to the growing village of Asylum. There they encountered an insane homicidal dwarf who coveted a green dragon-scale covered in magical runes. This scale is part of a pair of scales, the other lost in the nearby Tylon Mountains. More pressing, someone is after the scale, someone willing to kill for it.

Earthdawn: The Exiled Lords

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