Earthdawn: The Exiled Lords

Session 4

Alengstro Kaer

Charassa 25 Entering the Alengstro Kaer

After 2 days of travel through the forest, we find an stoic archway. The doors have been knocked over and overgrown, opened from within and off hinges. Remanats of Kaer ward on the door would’ve damaged anyone trying to get in, nothing against getting out.

Inside is totally dark. After lights are sparked, Magda moves into the hall through the shadows. Looking for traps, she finds 2 jade tablets in the corner, surrouned by 4 globes. One of the globes spots her and hits her with fire twice, knocking her down. She jumps up, sprints to the tables (avoiding the other orbs shooting at her), and disarms 2 of the orbs. The group moves up the hall to assist. The orbs start putting out a circle of flame around them. Kaylee starts throwing Ice Mace & Chains at the orbs. Jerrit takes a swing, breaking it and it esplodes. Magda makes it to the second tablet and disarms the last trap.

Loot: Jade may be extracted, crystal pots not worth much.

Magda sneaks her way down the next hallway, around a corner, to a circular room with 4 pillars that branches into 3 more halls. The pillars have many holes in them. The walls have knotworks with squares that recede out of sight.

As we examine the room, a trap goes off from the ceiling behind us, blowing a gust of wind, pushing us all into the room. Doors rise up to close us in. From the pillars, another gust of wind goes off, creating a cyclone, and the wall has many tubes spring forth, creating music and noise. The wind beginst pushing us torwards the spikes.

Magda figures that opening a door is the fastest way to disarm the trap. Jerrit heads for a door and kicks it, ending up anchored next to a spike. People are blow about by the wind, but no damage. Ibon heads for a door, uses Abate Curse on it, it slides down with a gust of wind. Quentin grabs Kaylee to get her some control. Magda disarms the Abated door, permanently removing it from play. Magda disarms the nearby wall spikes. Ibon moves to the nearby pillar, Abate Cursing it to turn off that air jet. We all make it safely out the door.

The next room is a rough cavern with 3 exits. The ceiling has an illusion of daylight, a blight like sun, harsh and unforgiving. Kaylee senses for Magic, finding none, but the Astral is Tainted. Seems to be the main living area of the Kaer. Several wells, fountain in the South. Some of the houses have planks removed, not broken. We hear shuffling, various Namegivers start shambling towards us. They have the wooden planks embedded or replacing body parts, via corrupt Elemental magic. Kaylee senses a large source of magic in the nearby large building (Questors Shrine) with a belltower. We head for that.

Kaylee and Jerrit make it to the top of the belltower, finding a large crystal covered in runes, set in a brass facet holder socket, pulsing with unnerving energy. Kaylee Detects that the runes are Horror Script (like the script in the Book of Scales). Massively corrupt Wood Magic. If we can deactivate the crystal, something bad will happen to the animated bodies. Quentin laughs at the oncoming enemy. Jerrit jumps down, grabs Magda, jumps back up to the crystal, and Battle Bellows. Magda scopes out the cystal. Garika keeps shooting at the oncoming horde. Gigan runs up and attacks one, it frenzies, hitting him 4 times. The bodies begin to swarm around Gigan. Ibon and Quentin move to assist Gigan. Jerrit jumps down and moves Garika to a safer location. Magda finds the mechanism to disarm, but sets something off, the Gem pulses giving her arthritis, and improving her armor… Kaylee sees that Magda’s skin is looking a little like bark. The warriors on the ground form a wall in the street, preventing the Horror constructs from gaining access to the Shrine. Jerrit flurries on a fresh woodman, killing it with a boot to the head.

As thirteen of the Cadavermen start surrounding the party, Magda Disarms the crystal. A pulse of energy goes off, and the Cadavermen fall over. The crystal changes color, quartz color with smokey black core. Kaylee confirms that it has no more Elemental magic, but Magda still has wood magic about her. Inside the temple, most of the statues of Questors have been destroyed, one still stands, Vestral. This statue seems to have cracks in it, once destroyed, but put back together. We destroy the statue.

Looting: 180 silver, 130 silver, 30 silver, 10 silver (350 total)

Seems a riot or fight was here a long time ago. No cobwebs. Some mumified corpses lie around as well. We burn the bodies, wooden and normal together. Still not enough bodies to fill the living quarters.

Looks like the exit to the West had a cave in. The area has a cold draft, Kaylee may be able to fit through.

We head North, hearing the sounds of a river. We enter the farming chamber. Ceiling is again a blighted daylight. A watchtower to the North has lots of Elemental energy pouring from base to the top. Several humanoid lump stands up in the field. Not Elementals, they’re Namegivers with Earth bound to them. There’s another gem at the top, being held by a hand of stone from the tower.

Again, Kaylee and Magda head up to the top of the tower. Garika fires at range. Kaylee figures out that the hand needs to be dispelled before the trap can be accessed. Ibon heads for the stairs. Jerrit moves to block the stairs as the Earthmen come around the corner. Quentin and Gigan block the alleyway. Ibon reaches the top, cancelling the hand, which opens, allowing Magda to disarm it immediately. The crystal shatters and the tower begins to shake. The Earthmen fall over. The tower sheds the stone coating, shrapnel hitting. Ibon carefully makes his way down the wooden stairs, creaking all the way.

Loot: 80 silver, 40 silver, 80 silver (200 total) Winternight cloak (+2 Armor vs Cold)

There’s another cold draft to the West. No other bodies, corpses, or livestock (despite room for them).

Legend Points: 4056


Who thinks the other boot is going to drop in this room of cold we are about to head into. I think so. Frozen cadaver men? I guess those might be as possible as earthen and wood plank limbed cadaver men? And I suppose I will be kind any let anyone else who really wants that cloak to have it.

Session 4

It might not be a terrible idea to let Magda have the Dwarf Cloak – just in case she gets hit with some kind of negative effect from whatever we see in this other room. And because she’s a dwarf.

I am, I admit, not looking forward to going into a cold food storage room and getting attacked by frozen bodies and frozen dinners.

Session 4


Session 4

Another random thought. Wasn’t one of Cinderwood’s companions possibly a Nethermancer? Maybe they worked together to makes these special Cadaver men?

Session 4

One of them (a dwarf, but if this thought is correct, that may be suspect) was apparently a mage of some kind, but he was difficult to focus on or to remember. Possibly an illusionist?

However, it seems almost certain that Cinderwood and his Close Personal Horror Friend did this, given:
a) the script on the Wood node (Horror script, the same as the Book)
b) the curse that has afflicted Magda being connected to said Close Personal Horror Friend, from what Kaylee saw in Magda’s Pattern
…man, coffee really lets me think straight. I should remember this. To hell with Never-Ending Beer Mugs, I will tie a thread to a never-ending coffee mug.

Session 4

This is not to say that the Forgotten Magician was not responsible for drawing Cinderwoods Group to this Kaer…

I think it’s safe to say that the Five Eyed Horror is behind the Cadaver Men and the control gems. It possibly used Cinderwood as a proxy, but it had plenty of time since the end of the Scourge to make all that we have seen.

Session 4

Part of me would like to think that Alister was smarter than to channel raw energy when he KNOWS that there is a horror around. That part of me thinks that these gems and cadaver men probably weren’t here when they first got here. Also, the elemental nature of the rooms feels like his fault.
Part of me also realizes that if he was trying to save his friends he was probably willing to do extraordinarily stupid things. So I can’t really base my thoughts on whether he’s being smart or not.

Also, it hadn’t occurred to me that the illusionist/whatever might have been a traitor all along. Suddenly I really want to find that guy.

Session 4

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